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Stabilizing liver function for optimal cow health and performance

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A cow's liver is a highly active organ. Although it makes up only 1%-2% of total body mass in lactating cows, it uses 25% of the cow's total energy expenditure. 

A healthy liver performs many important functions in dairy cows, including glucose synthesis, bile synthesis, protein turnover and detoxification. It also plays a significant role in the health of transition cows, with many clinical problems associated with a poor liver condition. 

Because it supports so many aspects of health and performance, stabilizing liver function in cows is crucial. A proper balance of dry and early lactating cow diets is key to preventing ketosis. However, managing risks from mycotoxins and endotoxins is also important, as they can contribute significantly to liver damage.

Main Topics

  • How mycotoxins affect the liver 
  • Why endotoxins are produced and how can they harm the liver 
  • How Mycofix® prevents cow liver damage

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