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World novelties and prosperous growth: The smaXtec review for 2022

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In 2022, the agritech company headquartered in Austria, again recorded great success with its proven cow health system. With unique technological advances, expansion into new markets and a successfully implemented growth strategy, the company is making big strides in cow health and more sustainable milk production.
An increasing number of dairy farms in more and more countries are successfully relying on the innovative and proven cow health system. Foto: © smaXtec

Billions of data points, thousands of health alerts, and countless success stories: That was 2022 for smaXtec and its customers. Another successful year full of highlights, driven by innovation, growth and team spirit. With its unique bolus technology, the smaXtec system recorded and evaluated around 150 billion data points with high precision in 2022, resulting in more than 300,000 health messages sent to customers every month. Based on these valuable insights into animal health, farmers around the world were able to make the best decisions every day – driving both cow health and their farm's success.

Numerous success stories

The best proof of the leading-edge and proven smaXtec technology is the growing number of satisfied customers. In 2022, numerous farmers shared their success stories with smaXtec again: Stories of healthier cows, improved fertility and many saved working hours and reduced cost. Particularly positive are the numerous additional farms from different countries that have agreed to report from smaXtec first-hand as testimonials.

„For me, it is simply important to keep healthy animals. smaXtec monitors the health of the animals around the clock so that I can intervene at an early stage if any problems occur.“

Christoph Harrer, smaXtec customer (DE)


„Since I have been using smaXtec, the overall health of my herd has improved greatly. The system detects all problems quickly so that I can take quick targeted action."

Ronnie Schellekens, smaXtec customer (NL)

„We had a system tracking similar data previously but adding these features of tracking inner body temperature and a calving alert makes me feel like we're at the next level of cow monitoring.”

Chad Butts, smaXtec customer (US)


„ The system detects mastitis before flakes are detected in the milk. It saves treatment with antibiotics, I usually manage with painkillers and it clears up.“

Klaus Nissen, smaXtec customer (DK)

“With smaXtec, we are able to pick up any high temperatures, mastitis cases or any rumination decreases straight after calving. It's like a third eye watching the cows. Our herd is a lot healthier and it's generally a lot more efficient with the smaXtec boluses. We're a more profitable business with this installed – without having to employ a third person.”

Robert Spiller, smaXtec customer (UK)

Small and large innovations with great impact

smaXtec is continuously evolving and has again implemented numerous improvements in all areas of the system in 2022. One of the biggest achievements of the year is the unique TruDrinking technology. The AI-supported innovation is a world first that allows recording the amount of water intake of each individual cow. The innovation is automatically available for all smaXtec farmers, who can be sure to always benefit from the most advanced technology on the market.

„Agriculture has shifted towards digitalisation. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, the cloud-based solution and the unique Bolus technology with high-precision temperature measurement, smaXtec makes farms future-proof. We are proud to be the unrivalled technology leaders in measuring inner body temperature, rumination and water intake.“

Dr. Stefan Rosenkranz, CEO for Innovation and Technology

The two CEOs Dr Stefan Scherer (left) and Dr Stefan Rosenkranz, as well as the entire smaXtec team, can look back at a successful year 2022. Foto: © smaXtec

Further innovations such as the feeding tool, the abort detection and the classification of diseases according to severity, together with the numerous other implemented enhancements, are evidence of smaXtec's great innovation power. Moreover, additional integrations with various herd management programmes were released for customers in 2022. The automatic data exchange between the systems results in an enormous gain in comfort and functionality for farmers.

For its unique innovations and exceptional business success story, smaXtec has also been recognised with awards during the last year.

  • Ernest&Young Scale-up Award

Silver medal category "GreenTech & Energy

  • Agri Scot Innovation Award

Awarded at the AgriScot Fair - the No. 1 agricultural fair in the UK

  • Styrian Export Award

Winner category Medium Enterprises, awarded for successful export history

Awards like these are a visible sign of smaXtec's innovative power and successful company history and the high level of recognition within and outside the agricultural industry.

One year full of great events

After two difficult years for trade fairs due to the pandemic, smaXtec participated in numerous events all over the world in 2022 - with great success. Introducing the latest smaXtec technology TruDrinking, the booth at EuroTier in Hanover was one of the highlights of the year and attracted an exceptionally high number of visitors throughout all days of the fair.

Successful new event format: smaXtec Farm Days

To ensure that our customers always gain the greatest benefit from the system, smaXtec has launched a new event format: The smaXtec Farm Days offer customers the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from others' experiences. Additionally, interesting presentations by external experts and the smaXtec team offer participants significant benefits. The Farm Days, which took place in various locations, were so popular that this format will be further expanded and offered comprehensively in the coming years.

New markets in Europe and the USA

In 2022, smaXtec was able to further expand its activities in numerous important export markets within and outside Europe. Following the successful market entry in the USA in the previous year, smaXtec managed to successfully penetrate important states such as Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Michigan in 2022. With Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, significant new markets have also been entered in Europe. smaXtec is thus relying on an international team and comprehensive on-site consulting.

To further enhance the customer experience, smaXtec established another location in Ireland and founded the company's sixth subsidiary with the opening of the Swiss office.

In 2022 smaXtec entered new markets in Europe and continues to expand its activities in US states. Foto: © smaXtec

smaXtec keeps growing - for more healthier cows

2022 was characterised by growth. Not only was the number of cows under monitoring doubled compared to the previous year, but the smaXtec team also expanded by almost 50 % within one year.

“By doubling the cows under monitoring again, we were able to successfully realise our growth strategy for the second time in a row in 2022. With our dedicated team full of innovation and expertise, we continue to follow our claim to be the leading and comprehensive health management system for dairy cows. This enables us to offer our worldwide customers unique, valuable insights and the best of advisory services. I would like to thank all our customers and employees for this. Together, they are driving sustainable and profitable dairy industry.”

Dr. Stefan Scherer, CEO for Strategy and Sales

What will the future have in store?

The road ahead continues to be one of growth. More cows under monitoring not only means business success for smaXtec, but also a big step towards a more sustainable dairy industry with healthier livestock. smaXtec will continue to pursue this goal with full commitment and dedicate all its energies to the expansion of international markets and sites. smaXtec customers can look forward to many innovations and can be sure that they will continue to benefit from the most advanced health system for dairy cows in the years to come.

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