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Worldwide News 2020.07.10.

Commission publishes EU feed protein balance sheet for 2019/20

For marketing year 2019/20, feed demand is forecasted to increase by 2 million tonnes of crude proteins, compared to 2018/19, and reach 84 million tonnes. Thanks to higher availability of roughage, EU self-sufficiency has improved and reached 78% for 2019/20. Still, lower availabilities of EU rapeseed (meals) put pressure on the EU self-sufficiency. These are among the key findings of the ‘EU feed protein balance sheet’ for 2019/20, published today by the European Commission.

Worldwide News 2019.11.18.

Commission publishes updated EU feed protein supply

The drought observed in 2018 in Europe had a significant impact on the overall feed supply for 2018/19. The level of EU self-sufficiency and total feed supply decreased compared to the previous years. The self-sufficiency dropped from 80% to 77%, with a lower availability of roughage, partly replaced by higher maize imports. The total feed supply was down by 4%, to 83 million tonnes, due to the reduced size of cattle and pig herd. 

Worldwide News 2019.05.24.

Commission publishes overview of EU feed supply

Roughage, such as grass and silage maize, is the main source of feed protein, representing 45% of EU total feed use. Oilseed meals supply almost a quarter of the feed proteins. While the EU is fully self-sufficient in roughage, the EU produces only 26% of what it consumes for meals from soya bean and rapeseed.

Worldwide News 2016.11.16.

BEWI-MILK AM 11: reduced in crude protein content for intensive calf rearing

With the introduction of the new product BEWI-MILK AM 11, the feed specialty producer from West Germany, BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG, launches a calf milk replacer with a reduced crude protein content on the market which was specially developed for intensive calf rearing purpose. Based on latest scientific results, this new development shows that during intensive rearing, a crude protein content of 18%, combined with equivalent energy content compared to standard calf milk replacer, leads to comparable growth results as a calf milk replacer containing 22% crude protein. BEWI-MILK AM 11 is with that an optimized product according to latest scientific knowledge and ideally adapted to the nutritional demand of young calves.

Worldwide News 2015.04.02.

Nutriad present at key aquaculture events

Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal protein producing sector.  Across the globe an increasing number of events host industry players that seek to increase their knowledge and network. In the past 5 years Nutriad, through its specialized business unit Aquaculture, has increased its focus on aquaculture and continues to expand its active participation in aquaculture events, including TILAPIA 2015, MEAF 2015 and WA 2015.