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BKT alongside Italian start-ups dedicated to agriculture and environment: Today we'll talk about water conservation and vertical green walls

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Sixth episode of BKT's TV format “Growing Together”. In Pordenone, the company Agabuna has patented new systems for sustainable irrigation and to fix plants on building walls.

Sixth episode of the “Growing Together” series, BKT's TV format created in collaboration with DAZN, which tells the tale of the towns in the Italian football championship, through unique and engaging dialogue between football and innovation, between the young talent in the Serie BKT teams and local start-uppers.

Today's episode takes place in Pordenone, in Northern Italy. Here the concept intertwines the stories of two pure young talents, the Pordenone defender from Bari, Alessandro Vogliacco and the landscape architect Mauro Guidolin, who works on sustainable projects of the “Agabuna” start-up, in Provesano (PN).

Both with their own ambitions, dreams and both fully convinced that, in order to grow, it is necessary to know how to share the burden with your team. Exactly as BKT wants to illustrate through the contents of “Growing Together”: sharing the trials of the journey together and finally achieving success together.

“My wish is that in my future there is the chance to demonstrate our efforts on a large scale, to be able to grow. Even if we think we are already at the peak of our research, there is always the possibility of going forward, of improving” – says Mauro Guidolin, talking of the Agabuna project.

“Agabuna” in the dialect of Friuli region means “good water”, and that was the only possible name for a project where water is at the heart of all the innovative efforts. The idea involves the application of dedicated sensors in the field. They constantly monitor the conditions of the environment and the soil, so that the cross-checked data can establish the quantity of water needed. This monitoring enables optimizing the distribution of water with a consequent and significant saving in terms of resources and costs.

The start-up is also working on another important project involving sustainable innovation. It is a recent spin-off called “Climax”. This has seen the development of ideas and feasibility tests for the creation of vertical walls to be applied to building facades. Plants and vegetation can be placed on walls, with the aim of being able to further improve the well-known, modern-day “vertical gardens”.

“Let's imagine creating and applying ‘a living skin' - Mauro Guidolin goes on. The walls will enjoy thermal benefits and will absorb particulates, thus improving the quality of the surrounding air, a further step towards the green revolution of cities, but also in the suburbs, not just in the central areas. We recorded 50% lower energy consumption in the summer and 10% lower in the winter. Inside the building, in the summer temperatures are 4° lower than outside in a natural way.”

A green project for Mauro, while for Alessandro it is black-green, the official colors of Pordenone football team. The dreams of the two real talents, each in their own field, are gradually becoming concrete goals.

In an initiative such as “Growing Together”, BKT wants to help bring together different cultures, different stories, such as those of Mauro and Alessandro. The exchange can one day lead to the greatest ideas, the unexpected ones. This is part of progress, whether you are a footballer in a lower league, a landscape architect, or a tire designer.

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