BKT alongside Italian start-ups dedicated to agrifood. First company: Farzati Tech

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A stop in Salerno, to find out about Farzati Tech, a digital platform to track agrifood produce, from its origin to the table. It is the first of the start-ups included in the “Growing Together” project, a format which promotes sporting and business excellence of the towns and cities involved in the Serie BKT.

A journey to unearth sporting talent and business excellence around Italy. We are talking of “Growing Together", the project launched by BKT and DAZN and broadcast on the famous streaming platform. In a series of episodes, it tells the tale of the towns and cities in the Serie BKT, highlighting the talented players of the teams in the second-tier championship together with young and keen local start-uppers working in agriculture and food.

T First stop is in the city of Salerno, whose story is told through the voice and experience of Mirko Angelucci, the Salernitana forward, and Francesco Ruocco, IT specialist at Farzati Tech, the first digital platform aimed at agricultural operators and consumers, which makes it possible to track all produce using blockchain from its origin to the table.

Set up in 2018 and based in Casal Velino, in the province of Salerno (Southern Italy), Farzati Tech is an innovation flagship in Campania thanks also to the valuable collaboration of talented youngsters from the local area.

People such as Francesco Ruocco, aged 22, a promising young talent in the IT sector, who says: “I am lucky to be able to unite my passion for technology with the development of the local area where I live thanks to my work as an IT specialist at Farzati Tech. There I contribute to the realization of technologies to create value along the whole Italian supply chain.”

Farzati Tech develops innovative traceability systems for the agrifood sector, guaranteeing the tightest possible control over quality and the certification of all produce. The start-up's services, however, are not aimed only at operators, but also at consumers.

Buyers, retailers and end users, thanks to a unique platform developed by the start-up which brings together all the elements which characterize and guarantee the origin of a product with the related validations, can trace back to the individual batch, transparently verifying all the characteristics and values of the products, with validated and verified information.

All this is possible thanks also to the technology of foodpassport® patented by the company - a real passport certifying the life cycle of the product. For all those involved in the sector it is synonymous with assurance, confidence, transparency, security: values which are more than ever shared and promoted also by BKT.

Another initiative driven by Farzati Tech is “Io Coltivo Italia” (I Cultivate Italy), a partnership project which makes it possible, once registered on the platform, to rent out a small 50 m2 allotment in one of the greenhouses distributed throughout central-south Italy and in Sicily. Through the app it is possible to follow the cultivation and growth of plants and vegetables which, once they are ready, are delivered to the consumer's home.

“I work in the city where I was born and which I love, Salerno. For me it is a tremendous opportunity to be able to contribute with all the Farzati Tech team to the development and growth of my local territory,” concludes Francesco Ruocco.

Thanks to the “Growing Together” project, BKT is proud to support not only the talented players in Serie BKT, of which the company is Title Sponsor, but also the companies in the local area - such as Farzati Tech - which help improve and modernize agriculture, a primary sector for the Indian group and for its Off-Highway tires.

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