A new agricultural economy? Nature can teach us how to, by using an egg. Indeed, a "Perfect Egg"

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Seventh episode of “Growing Together”, the TV format promoting the sporting and business excellence of the Italian towns and cities involved in the Serie BKT. The protagonist is the start-up "Uovo Perfetto" (Perfect Egg): an ethical and eco-sustainable park for hens, raised only for their eggs.

Seventh episode of “Growing Together” the TV project launched by BKT and DAZN that brings together the young talents of the Italian football teams in Serie BKT with various local starter-uppers with a passion for agriculture and food. The goal of the format is to replicate the strength of the team, the desire to share and grow together, a principle and pillar for BKT, which bases its very mission on the concept and values of the "team”.

In Puglia (in South Italy) Pablo Rodriguez, a nineteen-year-old striker in the Lecce team meets and talks to the young entrepreneur Giulio Apollonio, who founded the start-up “Uovo Perfetto” (Perfect Egg). Apollonio removes chickens from intensive farms, to let them live out their lives in a park in Cutrofiano, in the province of Lecce, dedicating them only to the production of eggs. In the idea lies the concept of a new agricultural economy, which can have a positive impact on the environment by taking a very long-term view, but immediately putting into practice ideas for a sustainable future.

“The secret of the perfect egg is the happiness of the hen. It then produces eggs that reflect its lifestyle in nature and are therefore more genuine, more nutritious and healthier” states Giulio Apollonio. "The Uovo Perfetto park is immersed in the countryside, and with its 25,000 square meters is the largest outdoor park for chickens in Europe. Hens have all the space they need to live happily, with food, clean air and lots of sunlight. Even their manure is disposed of in the form of natural fertilizer."

Believing in such an ethical, sustainable project is one of the simplest ways for BKT to invest in a future that also belongs to business.

For BKT, business means above all working for and with people. Supporting and making known start-ups like today's, therefore, means fearlessly demonstrating that to be recognized as protagonists in their market, the right path is that of all-round corporate responsibility.

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