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Weighing machine for individual animals WA 21 Porky's Pelletomat Porky's Rack Porky's Strawtomat

Weighing machine for individual animals WA 21

The individual animal weighing machine WA21 accelerates sorting of fattening pigs by means of 4 optionally adjustable target weights. As soon as the animal has entered the scale, the identification color lights up that is preset for the specific weight. Without further thought, it ensures efficient spray marking of pigs in the same color, as indicated.

Sorting fattening pigs before sale is economically necessary to comply with slaughter frames. This work is time-consuming and not very pleasant. In order to minimize the amount of work, pigs are usually pre-sorted with respect to several sales dates by using the individual animal weighing machine. Depending on their weight, animals are marked with different colors for different sales dates. For this purpose, it must be given thought to which color is the correct marker for which weight after each and every weighing process. Errors are pre-programmed, especially if target weights change frequently in varying market conditions and/or with changing personnel. With the new sorting function, this train of thought becomes redundant and animals can be marked directly with the marking color indicated on the display.

Target weights are pre-set on the display for up to 4 sales dates. This way, even changing personnel can sort without mistakes and without consultation or transmission errors. As for the selection of the marking spray color, it is no longer the weight display that is of interest, but only the displayed color. Changes of target weights can be made at any time, for example by the operations manager, without the user having to reorient himself. Due to the significantly accelerated weighing process, 1/4 of the weighing time can be saved.

More working comfort during weighing is achieved by an additional wheel and the new secure holder for four color sprays. Three front-mounted wheels allow pushing similar to a wheelbarrow and also upright transport. Extreme manoeuvrability even in narrow stables and corridors is guaranteed. The four color sprays are safely accessible in the holder in any position, even when the scale is in vertical position.

The reverse function drives the animal backwards off the scales without stress. To the front, the remote control gate ensures that the animal can leave easily.

The scale is equipped with impact and water resistant weighing beams that are protected against external influences. For perfect ergonomics during weighing, optimized handles with a protective bar provide for perfect handling.

The profitability of slaughter marketing is significantly improved due to exact sorting with lower error rate and faster throughput.

Porky's Pelletomat

Porky's Pelletomat is used to keep pigs busy and to dose roughage feed. Driven by their natural urge to rummage, pigs operate a lever that releases pellets into a trough. Dosing slide and stroke can be adjusted depending on the product used and on desired output quantities.

Making roughage available supports the gastrointestinal balance of pigs. Interesting activities that relate to the animals‘ digging behaviour promotes their well-being. Up to now, only straw or hay entailed permanent employment, connected with much work and hygienic risks. Ingestion of straw is limited and has therefore hardly any recognizable nutritional-physiological effect.

Pigs love to rummage and prefer feed that resembles the consistency of beechnuts or acorns. Thus, pigs accept straw pellets two to three times better than straw. Raw fiber requirement of intensively growing piglets, fattening pigs and sows is higher than previously assumed. Separate administration simplifies ration optimization. This solves the problem of simultaneously administering high crude fiber contents and high energy density to the feed. Performance and health are positively influenced. The Pelletomat combines permanent employment and high ingestion of roughage.

Supply and filling are simple. Pigs activate the output of pellets by moving the lever. Besides straw pellets, it is possible to use pellets made of hay, spelt, alfalfa or beet in sizes of up to 12 mm. The pellets fall into a trough where they are picked up by the animal. The animal pursues its occupation instinct and trips a reward mechanism that ensures long-lasting interest. Stroke limitation allows free determination of output quantities. In addition, the slider position can be adapted to the type of pellet and thus the output can be regulated. The Pelletomat is available in Midi and Maxi versions that differ in the size of the filling container. The Midi variant has a lower height and is recommended for piglet houses.

Additionally, this health-promoting measure gains work economic significance. Roughage administration is an obligatory criterion for all pig farmers participating in the animal welfare initiative and fulfills social demands on animal welfare. Accordingly, providing roughage will be a permanent task for pig farmers that has to be solved efficiently and safely.

Roughage feed in the form of pellets stands for significant work facilitation compared to non-pressed roughage feed in stalk form. Storage of pellets is easier, space-saving and more hygienic.

The Pelletomat can be filled manually without wastage or automatically by means of tube chain conveyors. By adding loose pellets instead of straw, the disadvantageous entry of stalks into the liquid manure is avoided. Thus, liquid manure remains capable of flowing despite the use of roughage.

Porky's Rack

Porky's Rack Flexi is a hay and straw rack with a variably adjustable dosing slide. This slide allows to adapt Rack Flexi to different material properties and to set desired quantity outputs. Porky's Rack is also available as model FIX without adjustment option.

Modern pig farming will not manage without the supply of roughage. For this purpose, well-functioning, simple and robust systems are required. In terms of durability and simple construction, racks are well-proven systems.

With the newly developed Porky's Straw Rack Flexi it is possible to regulate removable quantities of roughage by means of an adjustable slider. Different products can be used as well. Thus, alfalfa hay or even long wheat straw can be made available by selecting either the smallest opening width or the full dosing option. Adjustment is simple and fast so that changing products can be used at a moment's notice. The system is economically interesting and reliable in operation owing to the adjustment slide with optimized adaptability. Due to the dosing slide less straw is lost or gets into the liquid manure. The straw-stop plate underneath the rack, which is part of the system, also provides for the last stalk intake in case more than one stalk is removed at a time.

Installation in the pen is done on the wall side. Both Porky's Rack Flexi and Fix are made of durable and hygienically perfect stainless steel. Due to the open side walls, several animals can use the racks at the same time.

Porky's Strawtomat

Porky's Strawtomat serves to occupy pigs and dose roughage feeding. Driven by their natural urge to rummage, pigs make stars move that release individual stalks into a collecting tray. The variable star arrangement and slide adjustment allow an adaptation to the product made available and the desired dosing quantity.

Best possible animal welfare is increasingly in focus. Also, in context with the future keeping of animals with long tails, high demands on the well-being of animals result from permanent occupation and meaningful raw fiber ingestion.

Pigs love digging in the ground with their strong snouts. Porky's Strawtomat, filled with fresh straw, is triggered by the animals moving two stars on the bottom of a trough bowl. By turning these stars, single stalks are brought forward and can be eaten by the animals. Upside-down movements of the animals into the trough bowl support the species-typical behaviour. Permanent interest is ensured due to the rewarding effect in the form of releasing individual stalks.

In addition to straw, the Strawtomat can be used with numerous other fibrous materials. Especially the use with dried corn silage inspires the pigs.

Output quantities of Porky's Strawtomat can be regulated via an adjustable opening. The star arrangement is optional and variable. The intelligent dosing mechanism and the ingenious high trough provide optimum stimulus for the animals, yet, also ensures that no stalk is lost. This prevents clogged slurry channels.

The Strawtomat is installed to the pen's separating wall or placed back-to-back in the middle of large pens. The durable box is completely made of stainless steel.

The large storage container of the Strawtomat can be filled manually or by a straw conveyor. The storage container has been specially designed for chain conveyor filling. Due to the special geometry, the resulting "cramming" still leads to a safe discharge. The filling process can be automated at any time at a later stage what significantly increases working efficiency.

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