WEDA shows special exhibition with 10 different farrowing pens at the company site in Lutten

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For more than 80 years, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp has stood for innovative solutions in modern pig husbandry. This also includes the segment of animal welfare pens. In connection with the current german laws for animal welfare, the subject of pen systems is top topic, even in other countries. For a legally compliant, practical implementation of the regulation, WEDA now provides pig farmers with concrete implementation instructions for their very different pen systems.

The new law requires above all more space for the animals. Accordingly, pig farmers are faced with the decision of whether to convert their pens now and which systems are available to them for this.

Get to know the many advantages during an on-site visit

From now on, ten different movement pens will be presented to interested parties – all of them practice-oriented, repeatedly used and tested. On site, interested farmers can learn about practical solutions for different trough types, for example, or simple locking systems for the pen and sow protection cage. Interested parties can call 04441-8705-0 or at any time to make an appointment for an individual visit.

10 different farrowing pens – individually adaptable

Especially when it comes to pens, the specialists at WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp have a lot of experience with tried and tested solutions at home and abroad. Accordingly, all WEDA pens can be individually adapted to the respective site conditions. This includes pen systems such as pens for group suckling or for free farrowing without a cage for restraint. The top advantage: All materials can also be used for the “Be.Well” organic pen system. The materials used by WEDA for partition walls, for example, are either made of Trespa or PVC panels. All bays for ecological farming are also available in a wood look.

MoreFlex bays can be quickly adapted

WEDA's MoreFlex pens are equipped with ergonomic, individual features that allow farmers to quickly and easily adapt them to the requirements of animal welfare and livestock regulations. For example, they have low walls and a fixed side panel for high stability and a good overview. This allows the keepers good access to the trough and to the animals. The trough is also located directly in the floor by the  aisle so that piglets and sows can eat together.

All pen types suitable for conversion

In the FT30 piglet rearing pen, the piglets remain with the sow up to a weight of 30 kilograms. This has a positive effect especially with regard to animal welfare, because the size and architecture of this pen type ensures a significant reduction in weaning stress. The WEDA-FiT pen is equipped with a service aisle so that the trough and other relevant working areas can be easily reached by the barn staff without having to enter the pen. WEDA has all the individual dimensions and equipment features for all pen types so that they are all suitable for conversion.

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