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WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp present innovative solutions for pig farming at the digital EuroTier 2021

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With their innovations, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, the Lower Saxony specialist for pig husbandry, house equipment, feeding and environmental control technology, will take part in the digital EuroTier from 9th to 12th February 2021.

The special feature: In connection with the Corona pandemic, this time the exhibition will be held in a purely virtual way. But also in this version, the trade fair at WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp's virtual stand will offer visitors the opportunity to inform themselves about the new and further developments of the company.

In order to equally reach interested parties from all over the world, the exhibition will be accessible around the clock on all four exhibition days. Further information is available at www.eurotier.de.

The following novelties from the following categories will be on display at WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp:

House equipment: Innovative Farrowing pens – solutions for more Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Husbandry

With their innovative pen concepts, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp ensures more animal welfare in sow husbandry. The pens convince above all by their ergonomic, flexible technology.

On the basis of their long-standing experience in planning sow units, WEDA are thus able to offer a concept tailored to each individual farm.

Examples for this are

  • WEDA FT30: The farrowing pen impresses by its simple construction with a long trough from which sow and piglets can feed simultaneously. This pen was designed in such a way that piglets can stay in the pen until they have reached approx. 30 kg

  • WEDA FiT: The FiT pen is equipped with a service corridor which allows the stable staff a safe access to all relevant working areas within the pen without having to enter it.

  • WEDA MoreFlex: Low walls and a fixed side panel ensure high stability of the pen and a good overview. This allows easy access to trough and animal. Also available with corner trough or trough at the corridor.

Animal Welfare: Be.Well – Solutions for animal-friendly and economical pig farming

With Be.Well, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp are reacting to the demands of owners for new product solutions that all focus on animal welfare and animal protection.

WEDA have already equipped several pig farmers with the new pen concepts. Innovative systems according to the Be.Well concept do not least have the health and well-being of the animals in view; moreover, they enable efficient and safe working.

Individual solutions help, for example, when cleaning out the straw. With a special hinge, gates in the outdoor exercise area can be easily lifted out of the straw and opened and closed in both directions. The manure can thus be removed very easily. In addition, the simple operation of the individual elements ensures maximum safety for people and animals. The pens meet the highest hygiene standards thanks to the use of stainless steel and plastic.

See also the new video

Climate Technology: Climate control Veco.Mate for optimal climate in the house

WEDA's climate control system Veco.Mate - the computer for a better climate in the pig house

In 2020, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, the Lower Saxony specialist for pig husbandry, have exclusively taken over the product range for climate control from Alcona. Thus, the house equipment supplier from Lutten has completed its product range and, with its product series Veco.Mate, exclusively offers a new technology for optimising the stable climate.

In addition to the climate computer, all components of the series are functionally coordinated: This includes the frequency controller, control devices, alarm systems and power supply units for the operation of dampers and drives in the barn.

The climate computer can be controlled either via a touch screen with an intuitive user interface, or via remote control using a PC or smartphone. The display on the terminal devices is analogous to the menu structure of the masks on the device.

Veco.Mate is designed for one or more compartments. Integrated algorithms ensure the optimum climate in the barn and thus ultimately a stress-free, healthy rearing of the animals. An integrated data memory secures all recorded measured values for one year, not least also intended for verification by authorities.

Dry Feeding/Electronic Sow Feeding: Opti.Station – The simple way of electronic sow feeding

With the newly developed Opti.Station, WEDA offers a flexible mechanical ESF system which can be individually adapted to the respective animal group. The advantages for the owner: The Opti.Station works hand in hand with the control system. Further features such as noise detection can be added optionally at any time.

The simplicity of the station is impressing: The sow enters the station, the gate closes and the central control system uses the ear tag to detect which sow is being fed on demand and, for example, how much feed can be fed via the Opti.Mum dry feeder.

Further advantages:

  • High quality production
  • Robust design
  • Simple technology: no valves, cylinders or complex control technology
  • 20 animals per station, expandable for larger groups
  • Easy integration of additional features such as noise detection
  • Can be used with the dry feeding system Opti.Mum
  • One central computer controls many stations.

House equipment: Hy.Board – Flexible, hygienic plastic modules for individual pen concepts

WEDA have always been offering individualized hygiene concepts for pig farming. Especially in times when new infectious diseases such as African swine fever are spreading rapidly, this subject is gaining increasing importance.

Moreover, today more than ever, the health and performance of the animals are the basis for economically successful pig husbandry. WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp have reacted to this and are now offering completely new, closed pen modules made of plastic. In contrast to conventional boards, the individual elements are hermetically sealed and cannot enclose any bacteria or other sources of infection.

The innovative Hy.Boards have been developed exclusively for WEDA and are made of PVC. They are available in different, individually adaptable sizes. The Hy.Boards are easy to assemble and can be cleaned quickly. The welded front sides ensure a maximum of hygiene in the stable and prevent impurities from getting into the cavities of the individual boards.

Liquid Feeding: Easy.Touch – Liquid feeding simply thought!

Up to now, some emplyees have had a lot of respect for the handling and operation of complex liquid feeding software. With WEDA's further development, however, new paths are now being taken here.

With the new program interface Easy.Touch, however, the staff members are practically no longer able to make mistakes during application as it offers completely new and simple operating possibilities. Among other things, Easy.Touch convinces its users by its individually adaptable image and function assignments for the individual employees according to their responsibilities.

In concrete terms, this means that each employee is provided with his or her individually set operating options on the dashboard, which the manager can assign authorizations to.

The user can then put together his own icons to create his own control panel on the screen. When he starts his work, he clicks on his own icon, which can be colour-coded if desired, and the control panel he has created himself opens. As with the operation of a smartphone, Easy.Touch can be operated simply and intuitively. This reduces the employee's working hours, increases the safety of the system and makes operating a liquid feeding system child's play. And best of all: by selecting the icon, the display changes to the employee's national language.

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