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SelfLine ‘Best of FIVE‘ strategy for SILOKING's self-propelled feed mixers

State-of-the-art technology for the new self-propelled feed mixers

Five years after launching SelfLine 4.0, SILOKING presents its ‘Best of FIVE' strategy, the next stage of development for all self-propelled. Now, five ranges of self-propelled make sure the customer can choose the model which best suits his needs. The company takes advantage of their experience gained in producing 2,500 self-propelled units while putting an even greater emphasis on the three key features of professional feeding technology: sustainability, intelligence and digitalization.

Sustainability through long useful life

Thanks to continuous reengineering and intensely focused enhancements implemented in the ‘Best of FIVE' models, the machines' average life cycle could be increased from 10,000 to 15,000 operating hours.

“Thanks to growing intensification and longer useful life of our self-propelled, we have increased efficiency and sustainability on livestock farms by 50 %“, Sales Director Sascha Behrend said.

The improvements imply several elements:

  • Increased hopper wall thickness as well as specific use of the abrasion- and acid-resistant SILONOX hopper wall
  • Use of the high-performance milling head drum which allows for increased loading capacity whilst preserving the feed structure
  • A high-quality loading conveyor belt made of rubber is mounted in all self-propelled as standard
  • Mixing augers with variable speed from 15 to 55 revolutions per minute, selectable in three steps

Intelligence and network on board

SILOKING's focus has been on smart feeding technology for many years. New SILOKING assistance systems support the driver in his daily work with the feed mixer – from loading through mixing to unloading the machine.

For example, the self-propelled automatically mixes the feed ration after loading – even without a driver, as the turbo augers keep working when the driver leaves the cab. At the end of the mixing process, they switch off automatically and the engine speed is reduced to idle mode. In the unloading mode, the mixing augers also switch off when reaching the target weight.

“With the modern self-propelled, networked and digitalized work is turning into state-of-the-art technology. The farm manager gets all important information regarding the machine and feeding directly on his laptop or smartphone”, Dr. Philipp Twickler, Head of Product Management, said.

An example: the innovative SILOKING Telematics working via telemetry makes it possible to check important farm-specific parameters via App in real time. Activity times and distances travelled are indicated as is material consumption. This way, the farm manager can continuously optimise feeding, reduce error sources and control his time management every day.

The programmable weighing system SILOKING Data with the Feeding Management Software free of charge completes the digital equipment of the feed mixer.

SILOKING SelfLine Feed mixers

Straw chopper saves time and feed costs

Straw, as a valuable and sometimes expensive fodder, is increasingly used in mixed rations, either because of its structural effectiveness or because of fodder shortages. To avoid selection during feed intake, straw must be cut short and mixed well.  Long straw can be used in the feed mixer before and during mixing of the actual ration, but this takes some time to be cut properly.

For fast cutting of larger quantities of straw in the ration, SILOKING now offers the straw chopper version for the SelfLine 300+ / 500+ and 1000+ models.

The hydraulically driven straw chopper is mounted directly behind the milling head and extends over the full width of the loading chute. In chopping mode, the flow of forage is diverted to the straw chopper by a flap that swivels into the milling channel. The rapidly rotating chopper blades beat the straw through the counter blades and feed it back, chopped into small pieces, onto the loading conveyor belt, which then transports it into the mixer. The straw chopper is operated conveniently at the touch of a button from the multifunction armrest in the cab.

Mixing in of the precisely cut straw can be better dosed, it considerably reduces fodder losses through selection, saves time during loading and reduces diesel consumption through shorter mixing times.

The straw chopper is mounted directly behind the milling head and cuts the straw already on its way to the mixing container.

SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+

SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH is expanding its product range to include a powerful self-propelled feed mixer from 19 m³ to 25 m³ and is preparing for further growth.

As part of the 'Best of FIVE' strategy, the feeding technology specialists from Tittmoning have developed a new self-propelled feed mixer: the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+.

“A powerful feed mixer with a large mixing volume for on-farm use and special requirements to feed quickly and efficiently!” This is how product manager Dr. Philipp Twickler defines the properties of the new model range SelfLine 4.0 System 300+.

This targeted reinforcement in the self-propelled product range completes the portfolio between the Compact and Premium models with 3-point chassis from 13 m³ to 22 m³ on the one hand, and the two high-end models System 500+ and 1000+ from 19 m³ to 32 m³ on the other hand. Customers can now choose the range that suits them best.

Think Big: the new generation of self-propelled mixers – based on the experience with the high-end model

Based on the concept of the already successful System 500+ model, the focus here is on reliability and maximum resilience. The robust chassis together with a high mixing capacity, even with particularly heavy rations, ensures long service life and high economic efficiency.

The air-suspended chassis with 4-wheel steering and large tyres offers not only driving comfort at up to 25 km/h, but also great ground clearance with the best traction. The diverse discharge options also enable individual feed delivery into high troughs.

The combination of the high-torque 218 hp Volvo engine with the well-known 1,000-hour maintenance interval, low diesel consumption and perfect coordination with the hydraulics reduce costs.

Standards of the future – with SILOKING today

With all 'Best of FIVE' models, the driver is supported in comfort and precision by the increased use of assistance systems. The automatic switch-off of the mixing unit when reaching the end of the settable subsequent mixing time and the mixing augers' switching off when the amount of feed has been delivered for each group of animals are just two examples. These setting options, together with the free SILOKING Data, a combination of programmable weighing system and Feeding Management Software, represent the state of the art in digitized feeding and feeding management.

The optional SILOKING Telematics is based on telemetry monitoring, whereby machine data is constantly and promptly transmitted to the farm manager via remote transmission on an app. This means that optimization potential can be identified and used from an early stage – day after day!

The SILOKING 'Best of FIVE' strategy describes the goals of longevity, intelligence, digitization, sustainability and networking and offers the economically perfect overall package for feeding technology of the future.

SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ ready for use
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