New "technical TV program" for dairy and cattle farmers launched at EuroTier digital

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Digital technical program with interactive video sessions - from 9th to 12th February – information and registration at

The technical program containing more than 30 presentations on topics relevant to milk producers and cattle farmers at "EuroTier digital", which takes place as an online event from February 9th to12th February, 2021, has been announced. With the technical program, the DLG (German Agricultural Society), organizer of EuroTier digital, will be offering dairy and cattle farmers an extensive knowledge platform with contributions from practitioners and experts in the two DLG Spotlights "Cattle" and "Emission Control".
At the online evens, which take place as interactive video and chat exchanges at the digital trade fair platform at, visitors can take part in the discussions with the speakers live. The public event “Climate-neutral dairy farming? Focus on emission reduction“ within the “DLG Winter Conference 2021 digital ” event, held in German, will also be part of the EuroTier digital technical program. The DLG Winter Conference, which takes place at the start of each year, is an important event for DLG's many German farming members, as it provides key indicators for the mood and direction for the current year ahead.
The specialist presentations, product presentations and discussions provide extensive information for conventional as well as organic farming businesses. In addition to the subject of animal welfare and integrated farming concepts, digital solutions for practice are key focus areas of the presentations.
More than 1,400 exhibitors, many of them part of the technical program, will also be on hand on the digital business platform to present information about their range of products and services in real time.
No specialized technical equipment is required to visit “EuroTier digital”. To take part a simple computer or laptop with video and audio functions is required. A ticket, which is valid for multiple visits over four days, is available for purchase online. English or German, or both, will be the working languages of these events. While the presentations are conducted live, they are recorded and are available as video on demand until mid-April.
Exact dates and timings of the following events are available in the preparation week prior to EuroTier digital, 9th to 12th February, at Event Calendar - EuroTier 2021 Some exhibitors are presenting several times but only listed once below.
A selection of presentations over the four-day event is listed below.
DLG-Spotlights „Cattle“ und „Emission Control“ program
9th February 2021
Viability of organic dairy farming
Bioland e.V.
Presentation by Lely Germany
Dairy Success by Bioret Agri
Organizer: Bioret Agri
Dealing with sick and injured cattle
DLG working group committee for milk production and cattle husbandry
Organization of work in the dairy housing
DLG working group committee of milk production and cattle husbandry
Integrated livestock management concepts for dairy production
DLG, VLK und Landesanstalten
Network - Focus on animal welfare
Emission Control focus:
Cow toilet and compost dairy barns - How to get rid of manure!
Organizer: Hanskamp Agrotech BV

XLGRAIN treated cereals, a way to power rumen performances, milk yield and profit
Organizer: Vitalac
BEWITAL agri – Your innovative partner in special feed solutions for increased animal health and performance
Organizer: BEWITAL agri GmbH
10th February
Passive Immunity in Dairy Calves: Recent Insights and Innovative Solutions
Organizer: EW Nutrition
MILKU guiding the way to unpasteurized milk quality regulation:
Organizer: MILKU Tierhygiene GmbH
Feeding and health control of dairy cows via milk ingredients
Organizer: DLG working group “Feed & Feeding“ and the federal working group of feed experts.
Product innovations for management in calf rearing
Organizer: Urban GmbH & Co. KG
Emission Control:
Emission measurements in dairy and finishing pig housing - Project EmiDaT
Organizer: KTBL / EmiDaT
Networked sensor systems in cattle farming (DigiMilch)
Organizer: German office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
Nutrient management in cattle farming (BeSt-SH + DigiMilch)
Organizer: German office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
11th February
Glycoline : the role of glucose for metabolic stresses management in cows production
Organizer: Vitalac
Milk production in Russia. Still on a growth path?
Organizer: DLG-Regional Group Eastern Europe, National Union of Milk Producers (Souzmoloko), Russia
Pasteurisation of whole milk in calf feeding; how to use farm resources effectively
Organizer: Holm & Laue
12th February

Profitable dairy production with Evonik's solutions
Organizer: Evonik Industries AG
Network - Focus on animal welfare
Transforming Decision Making and Bringing
Certainty to Individual Performance, Health
and Sustainability via a Precision Livestock Platform
Organizer: Vytelle (Formly GrowSafe Systems)
Adaptation strategies to climate change in grassland
Organizer: DLG-Ausschuss Grünland und Futterbau
Integrated livestock management for cattle
DLG e.V., VLK and Landesanstalten
Presentation by Masterrind GmbH
Emission Control:
Practical solutions for reducing ammonia emissions in dairy barns
Gummiwerke Kraiburg

Presentation by DostoFarm GmbH
Application of LED lights in dairy farming (LED-Milchvieh)
Organizer: German office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
Presentation of Project ICurS
Organizer: German office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
Presentation by KSE Process Technology B.V.
Network - Focus on animal welfare
Emission Control:
Dairy feed – reduction of N and P
Organizers: DLG working group “Feed & Feeding“, BAK feed Consultants
Presentation by DeLaval GmbH
DLG Winter Conference, Climate-neutral
Adaptation strategies to climate change in grassland
Organizer: DLG working group committee for Feed

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