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Innovations from SILOKING

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SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ – Successful debut on the market // SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ and System 500+ with 4x4 drive – power when it counts // SILOKING offers smart support for feeding with assistance systems for the self-propelled feed mixers of its SelfLine 4.0 range

SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ – Successful debut on the market

After just over a year on the market, the extended SILOKING product range is already enjoying great popularity.

The feeding technology specialist from Tittmoning is pleased about the high demand for the new self-propelled feed mixer SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ on the market.

The self-propelled feed mixers sold so far (with a capacity of 19 m³ to 25 m³) show that SILOKING has recognised the requirements of self-propelled and has successfully placed this product extension on the market.

"A powerful farm machine with a large mixing volume for farms with more or less 300 cows and special requirements to feed quickly and efficiently", Sales Manager Sascha Behrend describes the features of the new SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ model range succinctly.

Our targeted extension in the self-propelled product range completes the portfolio between the Compact and Premium models (with 3-point chassis and 13 m³ to 22 m³) and the two high-end models System 500+ and 1000+ (from 19 m³ to 32 m³).

Think Big: The new generation of self-propelled – with the experience gained from the high-end  models

The concept was inspired by the already successful System 500+ model, which continues to focus on reliability, precision and maximum load capacity – 365 days a year with every feeding.

In combination with the high mixing capacity, the robust chassis ensures a long service life and high efficiency – even with particularly heavy rations.

The chassis with air suspension, 4-wheel steering and large tyres offers not only driving comfort at up to 25 km/h, but also extensive ground clearance with the best traction. The wide range of discharge options also enables individual feed placement, even in high troughs.

The combination of the high-torque 218 hp Volvo engine (with the familiar 1,000-hour service interval) and low diesel consumption thanks to a perfect match with the hydraulics reduces costs in two ways.

SILOKING – The standards of the future. Already today.

The driver is supported in comfort and precision through the increased use of assistance systems.

The automatic switch-off of the mixing unit after the adjustable subsequent mixing time has elapsed or the switch-off of the mixing augers when the feed quantity has been discharged are just two examples of many. Together with SILOKING Data – a combination of programmable weighing system and Feeding Management Software – which is included free of charge, these setting options represent the state of the art in digital feeding and feeding management.

Optionally, there is also SILOKING Telematics, which is based on a telemetry process. This allows machine data to be constantly and promptly transmitted to the farm manager via an app. Optimisation potential can thus be recognised and used at an early stage – day after day!

SILOKING will thus continue to shape the well-known objectives in the future: Durability, sustainability, intelligence, digitalisation and networking. This offers an economically perfect overall package for feeding technology with a future.

SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ and System 500+ with 4x4 drive – power when it counts

Even more power and grip – thanks to the new all-wheel drive now at any time – especially on challenging terrain

The chassis and axles of SelfLine 4.0 System 300+ and 500+ are optimally designed for all challenges on the farm. The two models can be equipped with the 4x4 drive option. In the course of the advancing internationalisation of the SILOKING brand and the increasing sales in markets with extreme conditions, the all-wheel drive is an absolute added value.

The new all-wheel drive version from SILOKING features two permanently (50:50) driven axles. For maximum traction, two axles from the manufacturer Kessler are mounted, as they are also used on mobile cranes in the construction and transport industry.

In daily use, working with the self-propelled in difficult conditions is thus specifically supported. The SelfLine shows its strengths on unpaved roads, in mud and snow, but also on particularly difficult slopes. In addition to the standard large tyres with excellent flexing properties, SILOKING also offers a range of optional tyre profiles to suit individual requirements.

Thanks to the chassis with air suspension and automatic level control, the machine runs smoothly and very comfortably in all conditions, while at the same time offering maximum reliability.

It's the overall concept that matters! It is the overall concept of the 4-wheel drive plus 4-wheel steering that brings the unbeatable efficiency of the whole machine.

SILOKING offers smart support for feeding with assistance systems for the self-propelled feed mixers of its SelfLine 4.0 range

SILOKING focuses on digitalisation – Smart Feeding is becoming the state of the art.

Networked feeding and sustainably efficient work are moving even further into focus.

"Smart feeding technology has long been a priority at SILOKING. New SILOKING assistance systems support the daily work with the feed mixer – from loading to mixing to unloading the machine," says Product Manager Dominik Sojer with conviction.

This way, the self-propelled automatically mixes the feed ration after loading – even without a driver. The mixing augers continue to work until the end of the set subsequent mixing time when the driver leaves the cab. After that, the mixing augers switch off automatically. In the meantime, the engine speed is reduced to idle speed – this results in an optimally mixed feed ration with lower fuel consumption.

During subsequent feeding in the barn, each group of animals receives exactly the amount of feed they need, as the mixing auger switches off automatically once the target weight has been reached, based on the programmed feed ration.

"Thus, with the SelfLine 4.0, the calculated ration can be mixed extremely precisely and deviations can be greatly minimised." Sales Manager Sascha Behrend is extremely satisfied.

Another component that supports feeding is SILOKING Feeding Management – in perfect interaction with the programmable weighing system SILOKING Data.

In Feeding Management, feed rations can be efficiently managed and adjusted as needed.

This cloud-based feed management system automatically synchronises with the weighing system on the feed mixer if desired.

The newly calculated feed rations are then taken over by the feed mixer and can be fed directly. Mixing precision and loading accuracy as well as important key figures – e.g. the forage and concentrate costs per litre of milk or the feed and concentrate efficiency – can be transparently displayed and evaluated or efficiently cumulated to provide an overview of the quantities fed.

This both reduces feed costs and ensures a homogeneous, consistent ration for maximum performance.

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