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BEWITAL agri innovations at EuroTier 2021

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BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin: Highly effective biotin in rumen-protected form for effective support of highest milk yield and best hoof health BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+: fatty acids in specific combination are able to inhibit gram positive bacteria in swine effectively 

BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin: Highly effective biotin in rumen-protected form for effective support of highest milk yield and best hoof health

With BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin, feed specialty producer from Germany, BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG, offers a highly effective biotin in a rumen-protected form. Biotin plays a key role in energy metabolism (milk production) and in maintaining the strength of the hoof horn. Only in a rumen-protected form Biotin reaches the dairy cow's metabolism without major losses in the rumen. The coating is based on European raw materials, so this product is suitable for use in the most dairy quality programs.

An optimal function of the energy metabolism is important for high milk yields. The water-soluble vitamin biotin has key functions as a coenzyme in both glucose- and fat metabolism. At the same time it is important for the strength and structure of the hoof horn. A sufficient supply of biotin by feeding is necessary for high-performance cows, since the self-synthesis by the rumen microbes is often insufficient. This is especially the case when using high-performance rations that are rich in starch.

In practical feeding, unprotected biotin has been used almost in an unprotected form in mineral or compound feed so far. Scientific studies show, however, that unprotected biotin, which is given by feed, only reaches the small intestine to less than 50%. This is due to the microbial degradation in the rumen. In order to show positive effects on milk yield and hoof health in tests, biotin had to be fed in very high dosages so far. This has a significant effect on the price of the mineral- or compound feed.

In times of high prices for active ingredients due to general market developments or unforeseeable events, this often leads to the temporary elimination of biotin from the ration. Since the positive effects of biotin on hoof health and the reduction of lameness are crucially dependent on the duration of use, a temporary elimination often leads to the loss of the previously achieved positive effects. The use of rumen-protected biotin, on the other hand, significantly improves profitability, especially in times of high prices. This enables permanent use.

By matrix encapsulation via cryotechnology, BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin protects the contained biotin against early rumen degradation. This is the only way to ensure that sufficient amounts of biotin are effectively provided in the dairy cow's metabolism. Thanks to this special production process, the amount of biotin used in the feed can be significantly reduced. An effective amount of biotin can be fed by mineral- or compound feed with just 0.5 to 1 g of BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin per cow and day. This significantly improves the profitability of biotin use.

BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin provides the following characteristics as according to the producer:

  • To support the milk yield and hoof health effectively in high-performance cows
  • Special matrix encapsulation to reduce losses in the rumen, for best availability in the small intestine
  • Significantly improved economy through more efficient biotin supply in metabolism
  • Rumen-stable fat matrix based on european raw materials; suitable for use in dairy quality programs

BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+: fatty acids in specific combination are able to inhibit gram positive bacteria in swine effectively

With BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+, the feed specialty producer from Germany, BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG, offers a matrix encapsulated combination product based on lauric acid, monoglycerides of short-chain fatty acids and flavorings (plant extracts and essential oils). By carefully selecting and combining the active substances, gram positive bacteria as streptococci and clostridia can effectively be harmed and with that noticeably reduce antibiotic treatment while improving animal health especially in piglet rearing.

Infections caused by gram positive bacteria as streptococcus or clostridia are one of the main reasons for antibiotic treatment in piglet rearing, leading to a significant increase of production costs. Legal concepts for antibiotic usage at the same time demand a reduction in livestock application. Many companies therefor focus on the application of alternative feed additives to reach this goal. 

Products that are currently on the market consist almost solely of individual fatty acids or monoglycerides. Application therefor needs to be in higher concentrations due to their lower effectiveness. Synergistic effects can only be achieved through a targeted combination of different active ingredients.

Short and midchain fatty acids and their derivatives are renowned for their distinctive characteristics against gram positive bacteria. Synergistic effects can additionally be created by specifically combining the active ingredients carefully. In addition, special phytogenic products such as essential oils also show antimicrobial activity on bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

With this new, targeted combination of the active ingredients in BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+, the feed supplement effectively inhibits gram-positive bacteria such as streptococci and clostridia and contributes to improved animal health on piglet rearing farms. An in vitro study shows that 0.1% of the BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ product is sufficient to reduce the germ growth of Streptococcus suis and Clostridium perfringens by 50%.

Actual practical trials on piglet farms with proven influence caused by Streptococcus suis indicate more vital animals and a remarkable reduction of antibiotic treatments when BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ was supplemented via the feed.

BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ provides the following characteristics as according to the producer:

  • Optimises rearing and improves the animal's health status
  • Effectively inhibits gram-positive bacteria (G+), e.g. Streptococcus suis and Clostridium perfringens
  • Targeted combination enables proven synergy effects (SynerG+ factor)
  • Proven effect in vivo and in vitro
  • The special production process of matrix encapsulation applicating cryotechnology protects the active ingredients from early degradation in the stomach and enables a slow and continuous release of all active ingredients over the entire small intestine

About BEWITAL agri

BEWITAL agri is specialised in the production of innovative feed that contributes to health and sustainability in modern livestock farming. The company is also involved in research and product development - its own and of its customers. With a specially developed process for encapsulating various active ingredients in a fat matrix, the company is a technology leader in its industry. The know-how to convert scientific knowledge into solutions in a timely manner has made BEWITAL agri a strong partner for the feed industry and the specialist trade worldwide for more than 50 years.

In addition to BEWITAL petfood, the manufacturer of pet food and westrans, the logistics company, BEWITAL agri is one part of the BEWITAL group. The family-owned company is headquartered in Südlohn-Oeding, Germany. Around 450 people are employed there.

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