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EuroTier China exhibition hosts animal farming professionals and experts from around the world at new webinar series

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Four livestock themed webinars bringing together 550 attendees from over 40 countries across the pig, poultry, dairy and aquaculture segments. Specialist topics presented included the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and impact of African Swine Fever (ASF) and government regulations in animal farming.

Introduced this year as part of its expanded technical program of the second edition of EuroTier China, the organizers, The German Agriculture Society (DLG) along with its partners offered four webinars covering current topics in the animal farming segments of Pork, Poultry, Dairy and Aquaculture over the months of May and June.

The content of the EuroTier China webinar series was tailored to the current environment with a distinct focus on the measures required to be instated in production facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar series included presentations on critical changes in government regulations in different parts of the world such as Biosecurity in the feed supply chains. Speakers also covered in detail, pork production after the outbreak of ASF & COVID-19 and the resulting consequences for the future pig farming in China as well as antibiotic reduction in poultry production and many more. Additional topics covered by the speakers were on wider topics for example the review of the poultry industry in Russia and Thailand and the development of the Chinese dairy industry.

With the aim to equip attendees with new knowledge including the current challenges facing the industry players across the livestock sectors of pork, poultry, dairy and aquaculture in various regions and countries, the webinars offered industry overviews and perspectives for the future of animal farming.

Best practice methods in production techniques, technologies and procedures were shared by experts via 18 technical presentations with ensuing interactions with the attendees. The speakers included farmers and producers from each livestock area, members from the ministry of agriculture from various countries and leading professional associations and industry representatives.

“We are pleased with the technical content we are able to offer attendees at EuroTier China and our other trade fairs. This exchange of knowledge and ideas in the industry lies at the heart of DLG making specialist knowledge accessible to a wide group of professionals across borders is one of our key aims. This digital platform not only enhances our offering further but also serves as an important knowledge contribution to the future of the livestock sector. 

The positive response and feedback to our initiative from participants shows there is a huge demand for knowledge in the industry. We are pleased we are able to fulfill this need through such webinars.” said Mr. Sven Haeuser, Division Manager Livestock Farming and On-Farm Operations, DLG e.V. Competence Center

EuroTier China, which is to take place from the 7-9 September 2020 at the Chengdu International Exhibition and Convention Center, revealed its free to attend on-site technical program earlier this year. The online webinar events held prior to the exhibition were added to offer prospective attendees a taste of the topics at the forthcoming exhibition in Chengdu. The technical program, which takes place at EuroTier China in September, includes the International Congress on Chinese Medicine Application on the Antibiotics Free Feed, China Animal Vaccination Conference, International Biogas Forum, 4th Animal Health and Food Safety Congress, National Animal Breeding Congress, EuroTier China Dairy Forum on Milk Sheep and many more.

“COVID-19, ASF, restrictions in the use of antibiotics, Biosecurity measures at the farm level - the animal farming industry as a whole is going through a significant transformation. Our mission is to provide the industry and its various stakeholders with expert market knowledge and best practices to be as adequately prepared as possible for this transition and we are pleased to now also transport this knowledge through an exciting digital platform and hopefully reach a wider audience, said Leely Zhang, Managing Director, DLG AgroTechService

Attendees at the first edition EuroTier China in Qingdao in September 2019 witnessed a technical program comprising of 97 international and local expert speakers, 167 technical presentations and 26 conferences.

Details of the EuroTier China events both online and on-site can be found on the events page as well the lineup for the EuroTier China 2020 technical program that will take place from the 07-09 September 2020.

The organizers have made all the webinar recordings along with the full program and summary public and they can be accessed from the links below:

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