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The Manitou group, world leader in rough-terrain handling, is participating in the Agritechnica trade fair from November 10 to 16 in Germany. With numerous innovations on display, the group is highlighting the service it provides to farmers, particularly through its ranges of articulated loaders and telehandlers, all of which are now connected. The latest connected telehandler launched on the market, the ultra-compact MLT 420, is now available in Europe and North America, offering comfort and performance to users and an even lower TCO.

Connected machines for optimum use

The Manitou group has been connecting, as standard, all new Manitou and Gehl brand machines ordered* since January 2019. The data collected offer farmers a new experience and new services, enabling them to optimize the use and maintenance of their machine. Olivier Le Pesquer, head of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for Service Development, says: “Connected machines allow us to analyze accurate data to reduce the total cost of ownership for farmers. Based on the numerous models already equipped, we noted an average fuel consumption of only 5.78 l/h** across all four telehandler applications, i.e., loading, road work, handling and idle. This represents a saving of over €4,660 over a period of three years of use, compared to the market average.”

myMANITOU & myGEHL: two customer-oriented applications!

As part of the group's drive towards digital transformation, the new smartphone applications, myMANITOU and myGEHL , are conceived and designed to provide instant service. The transmission of data in real time* by the connected machines makes it possible for farmers to know the location of their machine at all times, check fuel and AdBlue levels and view the number of hours' use of their machine. They can also easily contact their Manitou or Gehl dealership via these two applications to anticipate any work on the machine. The application gives access to other information, such as the instruction manual and warranty extension. Regular upgrades will be applied to provide farmers with greater added value. Notifications of levels, analysis of fuel consumption, and access to technical documentation about attachments are data that will be added to the two applications in the coming months. Maxime Deroch, president of the Services & Solutions division, says: “We are very proud to offer our customers this service, which allows them to work without worrying about their machine. They are free to focus on their core business. With the benefit of a connected machine, they can reduce their TCO, save time and improve safety“.

A new fuel consumption comparison tool!

The European standard EN 16796-4 came into force in March 2019. It specifies a method of fuel consumption measurement for rough-terrain telehandlers based on four test phases: traveling at maximum speed (unladen), loading/unloading of bulk material with bucket, pallet handling (unit load), and idle mode phase. This is the first time a common measurement method protocol has been recognized at European level for telehandlers. Aude Brézac, Manitou group's CSR manager, is happy about the new standard: “We have been measuring and publishing the fuel consumption of our telehandlers for these four activities for five years, using the calculator on our REDUCE program site. This allows fuel consumption of two machines to be compared based on their use. Manufacturers now have to declare the fuel consumption of their machines based on the same frame of reference, which will provide transparency for the end user when choosing a machine. It is easy to understand the issue raised by this new comparison tool, with fuel costs representing more than a third of the total cost of ownership for farmers!”

The Manitou group expands its range of financial solutions

In partnership with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, a European leader in the financing of professional equipment, the Manitou group, will extend the Manitou Finance service in Europe and provide its dealers with a team dedicated to sales financing. As part of its service expansion, with this dedicated team in place, the Manitou Finance service will become Manitou Group Finance. This organization has several objectives: to offer broader financing solutions and service ranges, better tailored to each type of customer, and to provide the distribution network with the expertise of financing specialists.

Rolled out progressively in Europe, this range of services will allow each dealership to have a single contact when preparing the financing file, optimizing the quality of service and the satisfaction of their user customers, including farmers.

Numerous innovations to increase productivity

  • A new JSM that reduces operator fatigue
    On continuously variable hydrostatic transmissions, the accelerator pedal acts simultaneously on the speed of the hydraulic movements and the machine's travel speed. This dual effect is uncomfortable for farmers wishing to combine high hydraulic speed with a slow approach speed. To solve this issue, the Manitou group has expanded its range with the innovation JSM (Joystick Switch & Move) Auto Power. Available on Manitou telehandlers* and applicable on Stage V models equipped with V et V+ hydrostatic transmissions, this option brings together all the machine's functions in a single control.The joystick increases productivity by adjusting the engine speed in proportion to the hydraulic power required. The JSM Autopower is a beneficial option, enabling the operator to achieve fuel savings estimated at around 12.5%, compared to a non-equipped model. Use of the machine is more intuitive and precise, and operator fatigue is decreased. Reducing the machine's emissions increases its residual value and reduces the total cost of ownership.
  • A new camera for increased visibility
    The Manitou group will present the new High View camera at the trade fair . This active vision system comprises a camera fitted to the boom head, which automatically sends images to a screen in the cab as soon as the boom passes a certain angle. Very easy to use, this innovation is designed for increased precision for loading and handling applications at height. Bulk loading is quicker and does not require help from a second person to check the filling level of the trailer. With High View, productivity gains are estimated at around 10%. In an agricultural setting, robustness is very important, so the High View camera is protected from impacts by a metal frame. It is also waterproof against high-pressure cleaning and dustproof. Equipped with LEDs, this system can be used in any situation, regardless of light conditions. This option is available on the MLT Silent Force range (MLT 840/1040) and also on the MLT NewAg range.
  • No more manual greasing with AGS - (Automatic Greasing System)
    The automatic greasing system (AGS) is designed to simplify maintenance operations for farmers by putting an end to manual greasing. It also ensures optimal greasing of the major components ( cylinders, boom, axles, etc.), resulting in a reduction in machine downtime. Unlike other automatic greasing systems, the AGS system has three separate greasing circuits with independent programming of the quantity of grease supplied to each cycle. This means that the right quantity of grease is applied to the right area at the right time. This intelligent system is fitted with a low grease level and empty tank warning indicator. It also has a pressure relief valve. The AGS system automatically greases the chassis (MLT NewAg) or the chassis and boom head (MLT 840/1040/961)

40 km/h for greater productivity

The MLT 625, one of the best-sellers in the agricultural range, now has an optional maximum speed of 40 km/h. This new option enables farmers to improve productivity, thanks to faster travel in increasingly large farms. Other improvements have been made: a Stage V engine and new standard features (phone holder, Easy Connect System, quick emptying connection and Eco Mode). When it comes to design, the “Ag Code”, using the aesthetics and color code of the NewAg range, now adorns this model as well as the MLT 840 and 1040. New options are also available: “flow sharing” on all levels of finish, working lights and an LED rotating beacon to provide better lighting and optimal night visibility. The "Easy Step" feature facilitates access to the cab thanks to a cut out section in the floor, and is included in the Silent Force range (MLT 840/1040/961), as well as the adjustable floating armrest.

Ecostop function awarded several prizes

Already winner of three awards at the SIMA Awards, the Libramont Fair in Belgium and the Sommet de l'Elevage livestock show in France, the Ecostop function is available on most Manitou brand agricultural telehandlers. This option allows the engine to be shut off automatically after a specified period of idling and when the operator is out of the cab. Configurable from one to 30 minutes of inactivity, this function has been designed to meet the needs of all farming applications, always prioritizing user productivity. Ecostop is activated and deactivated very simply by pressing a DSB (Double Switch Button). Fuel consumption, preventive maintenance and machine depreciation are greatly optimized. These three components represent 82% of the total cost of ownership of the machine. The Eco Stop function thus reduces the machine's environmental footprint without reducing its productivity. Arnaud Sochas, the Manitou brand's agricultural product range manager and innovation manager, explains: "Thanks to the data collection made possible by our connected machines, we found that the engine spends 15% to 30% of the total operating time idling. Based on 15%, for one machine used for 1,000 hours per year, the EcoStop function enables the purchaser to save €1,500 in the first year!”

Pneumatic trailer brake: enhanced braking safety

This secure system with air compressor built into the machine has strong braking power. Installed in the Manitou group's plants in France, this system is EU certified. It responds to a growing demand on the market, particularly in Germany. Since the compressor is directly integrated into the engine, farmers are able to combine the hydraulic brake system of the trailer with this system on the same Manitou truck.

A new versatile range of attachments

The brand new range of multifunction grab buckets is inspired by the best-selling CBG 2450/1700. The range is expanded, with new dimension to stay in step with the evolution of the machines and better meet the current needs of farmers. New capacities are also available, and other innovations have been added, such as removable side teeth for better material retention and adapted corners for a longer life. These attachments are designed for intensive use, and are equipped with cylinder protectors and grab opening of more than 90°, allowing users to work against a wall. The new machine-welded BG 1500/850 grab bucket, custom made for the MLT 420, offers a width of 1,500 mm, and a capacity of up to 850 liters. Two new items will be premiered at the trade fair: the BG 2100/1200 forged tine version, created for the MLT 630 and MLT 730 machines, and the BG 2450/1400 machine-welded version suitable for the other machines in the agricultural range. Measuring respectively 2,100 mm and 2,450 mm in width, these two attachments offer optimized capacities of 1200 L and 1400 L respectively. The expansion of this range gives farmers greater performance and versatility of use. These attachments are particularly suited to handling cereals, silage and straw, as well as loading and unloading manure.

Optimized visibility for stage V compliant forklift trucks

Nine forklift truck models are now marketed, equipped with a new Stage V standard compliant engine. Two years after its launch, the MC 18 now benefits from a 27 kW Stage V engine. The whole range of compact trucks is impacted by this development, with the MC 25 (2.5 t) and MC 35 (3.5 t) equipped with a 36 kW Stage V engine. These new engines will drastically reduce the level of emissions from these machines. This development is, therefore, perfectly in line with the Manitou group's CSR policy. A new mast is also available on the MC range of trucks under 3.6 tonnes. Thanks to a newly designed mast profile, visibility is increased by 35% (up to 45%, depending on model), significantly improving safety for the operator and the surrounding area. Designed by its Research and Development department and manufactured on its main production site in Ancenis (France), the Manitou group remains the sole manufacturer of rough-terrain forklift trucks on the market to produce its own masts.

The ultra-compact telehandler by Manitou

First launched at the beginning of the year, the MLT 420 is now available in all Manitou dealerships in Europe and North America. With a height of 1.97 m and 1.49 m in width, this new machine is one of the most compact on the market. Thanks not least to its 4 steering modes and its very small turning radius (3.06 m), the MLT 420 can maneuver easily in tight spaces. It makes the perfect partner for bale handling, stall maintenance and cattle feeding. The cab's features ― identical to the MLT 625 model ― provide the operator with optimum comfort, and it is quick to master. This new MLT high-performance machine is equipped with a 57 hp Stage V engine and has a load capacity of 2 t for a maximum height of 4.35 m. With 4-wheel drive, mudguards and an automatic radiator dust removal system, this new rough-terrain model is ideally suited to off-road and dusty conditions. Camille Rouvrais, product manager, says: “Our range already included compact models, such as the MLT 625. Thanks to this new model, we can address the daily handling requirements of farmers even more effectively. The total cost of ownership of the machine is optimized due to easier access to the various engine components, which enables maintenance to be carried out more rapidly.” Awarded this year at the Movicarga Awards in Spain for innovation and high performance, the MLT 420 is positioned as an ultra-compact telehandler, perfectly tailored to meet the current needs of farmers.


New engine for the MLT 741-140 V+

Premiered at Agritechnica, this model is now available with Stage V engine. It boasts new equipment as standard, including JSM autopower and Easy Step cab access. Very comfortable, with the JSM on a floating armrest and DSB buttons, with the MLT 741-140 V+ farmers are assured of performance and profitability, thanks to a 136 hp engine and hydraulic flow of 170 l/min. Maintenance is facilitated by centralized greasing points, and the Regenerative Hydraulics option, which allows the boom to be lowered by gravity, also adds to the machine's profitability.

A range of articulated loaders available in Europe

The new Manitou MLA range consists of eight models. These machines are perfectly tailored to agricultural handling needs, such as dairy cattle or beef farms. The tipping load varies from 875 kg to 5 t, for a lifting height of between 2.5 m and 5.20 m. The articulated loaders are easy to maneuver and offer excellent 360° visibility. Two models are equipped with a telescopic boom, the MLA-T 516-75 H and the MLA-T 533-145 V+ (5.20 m lifting height and 3.3 t maximum capacity). The model name suffixes correspond to the respective powers and types of transmission offered on these models, i.e., 75 hp / hydrostatic, and 145 hp / M-Vario Plus. Wim Roose, marketing and development manager for the agricultural range, explains: “Articulated loaders are gaining ground in Europe. Some countries have already used them for a long time, such as the UK and, more recently, Germany. With this range and the Manitou brand's reputation in Europe, we are confident that we can provide an effective response to the needs of farmers, with models that give them greater productivity”.

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