Launch of the new telehandler MLT 850 NewAg XL

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Manitou Group, the worldwide reference in handling, aerial lift platforms and earthmoving sectors, is launching its new NewAg XL telehandler model at the Eurotier international animal farming fair. The perfect opportunity for the group to reach a premium audience.

The MLT 850-145 V+ telehandler is the fourth model in the NewAg XL range, following the launch of the MLT 841, 1041 and 961. With a load capacity of 5 tons and a working height of 7.6 meters, this new model completes the existing range to meet the needs of large farms and cooperatives, but also the food industry and the recycling sector. Designed for very intensive use, in particular the loading of bulk cargo, cereals, wood chips and silage, the MLT 850 is also perfect for handling straw bales and big bags.

Performance: enhanced productivity

With a 5-ton capacity, high-capacity attachments and a high hydraulic working speed, the MLT 850 offers the best work rate in its class (+18% compared to the competition, i.e. 2 more semi-trailers loaded per hour). This model offers more than 600 Nm of torque, with a pull force of more than 9,160 daN (+20% compared to the competition). The high movement speed provided by the 200 l/min LSU pump is complemented by a bucket breakout force of over 8,670 daN (+32% compared to the competition). Combined with a high-capacity tank, the user can work with the best flow rate all day long without interruption. To optimize efficiency, the HighView camera installed on the boom head makes it possible to monitor the trailer fill level directly from the cab (+10% productivity). The M-Vario Plus continuous variable transmission allows the machine's behavior to be adjusted to suit every need, thanks to the comfort and dynamic modes.

Effortless comfort: the trademark of the NewAg XL range

Placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, as always, Manitou Group is taking advantage of its presence at Eurotier to preview a new patented steering system*: the user can now steer the machine effortlessly using a mini-joystick in order to reduce fatigue and the risk of musculoskeletal disorders linked to repetitive steering wheel use. This is a major step forward in terms of ergonomics and productivity in the telehandler market.

In order to provide its users with the ultimate in comfort, Manitou Group has followed the requirements of the NewAg XL range with a cab that is spacious yet quiet thanks to excellent sound insulation, which limits the noise level to just 69 dBA. The cab has also been raised compared to the lower capacity NewAg XL models to maximize visibility. The large roof grille with its angled slats and the optional Safeview dual cameras complete these innovations for a 360° view around the machine on the dashboard display.

To facilitate access to the cab, the two Easy-step steps combined with the under-door lighting make getting in and out even safer, day or night. The MLT 850 NewAg XL also comes as standard with JSM Autopower (available with the M-Vario Plus transmission), which automatically adjusts the required engine speed to the hydraulic movements controlled via the JSM. This reduces fuel consumption and operator fatigue.

Unparalleled profitability

Arnaud Sochas, Marketing Innovation Manager, says: “As a result of all of these innovations, the MLT 850 offers the lowest total cost of ownership in its class, 8% lower than the competition. This means that fuel consumption is almost 20% lower than the competition**. This represents a substantial saving of €4,800 for annual usage of 2,000 hours. Preventive maintenance costs are also reduced by 4%”. To achieve such a reduction in TCO, Manitou Group equips the MLT 850 with Stop & Start as standard. This function reduces fuel consumption and therefore noise emissions by switching off the engine when the machine is at a standstill, without the operator needing to do anything (automatic restart). The hour meter is therefore based on actual hours worked, thus spacing out maintenance with an oil change every 1,000 hours, and increasing the machine's residual value.

To simplify maintenance in heavy-duty applications, the self-cleaning air pre-filter located above the engine compartment reduces the cleaning frequency of the main air filter. The engine compartment opens in two parts to provide easy access to major components. A quick-release panel also allows you to blow away debris and dust in front of the radiators. In order to make maintenance of critical hydraulic components safer, the lubrication points are centralized (automatic lubrication system*** available as an option) and easily accessible.

Available now, the MLT 850 (Stage V) and MLT-X 850 (Stage IIIA) telehandlers will be delivered to Manitou dealerships from the second quarter of 2023 in Europe and worldwide.

* System not approved for road use.
** Conforms to consumption tests according to standard EN 16796-4.
*** Standard or optional, depending on trim level.

Címlapkép: Getty Images
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