The Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Dometal Oy Will Be Purchasing The Seed Drill and Cultivation Business of Vieskan Metalli Oy


According to the purchase agreement signed on 04.12.2015, Vieskan Metalli Oy will be selling its seed drill and cultivation business to Dometal Oy. The objects of the trade include Vieskan Metalli's VM brand, trade agreements, product rights to seed drills and cultivators, maintenance and spare parts business, and stock. Vieskan Metalli Oy's rear blade business is completely excluded from this business deal.

Established in 1979 and operating in Alavieska, Vieskan Metalli Oy is a company whose business turnover for 1-12/2014 was 4.4 M€ and which employed 25 people before the business deal was signed. The seed drill and cultivator operations amount to approx. 80% of the business turnover. In addition to Finland, the company exports seed drills to the European market. VM seed drills have been known on the market particularly as direct seed drills, but in recent years, an increasing number of seed drills for conventional seeding have also been sold. The product range includes mechanical and pneumatic seed drills.

Multiva COMBI 300 vetőgép
VM vetőgép

Operating in Loimaa, Dometal Oy is a business manufacturing and selling agricultural machinery under the Multiva brand. Approximately one-half of the sales come from export, with Scandinavia and Hungary being the most important export regions. The company has a subsidiary in Hungary, Multiva Magyarország Kft, which is responsible for the sales and marketing of Multiva products in Hungary and in the Balkan region. The group of companies also includes the associated company Potila Tuotanto Oy, which manufactures and sells agricultural machinery in Kiikoinen under the Potila brand. The combined business turnover is more than 14 M€, with more than 90 employees.

”Seed drills complement our current product range well, as it previously focused on tillage and trailers. We have been collaborating with Vieskan Metalli for two years already, regarding the export of seed drills and the manufacturing of cultivators. This business deal is a natural continuation of the already existing collaboration. We will be developing the production of seed drills, for example by gradually transferring it to Loimaa, where it is possible to have the welding processes automated. We will also strongly emphasise product development, so that we could remain competitive on the market. Our goal is to increase the sales of seed drills considerably compared to the current sales volume,” said Mikko Mäkimattila, Managing Director of Dometal Oy.

”In the increasingly tight international competition, businesses are expected to have plenty of resources for sufficient investments in product development, marketing and production. This business deal will ensure the continuity of VM seed drill production well into the future and in Finland. At the same time, we can ensure that our existing customers will continue to get maintenance and spare parts services,” said Jari Huotari, Managing Director of Vieskan Metalli Oy.