New butterfly mowers without conditioner from CLAAS

CLAAS DISCO 1010 with vector folding: The widest mounted disc mower without telescopic booms


With the DISCO 1010 TREND / COMFORT, CLAAS is launching the widest mounted mower without a telescopic boom on the market. The two booms suspended at the center of gravity enable unrivaled compact and safe road transport thanks to the vector folding system presented in 2021. Further new features are also finding their way into the DISCO 8500 TREND and DISCO 9300 TREND.


In 2021, CLAAS introduced the unique vector folding system with the DISCO 4400 CONTOUR. This feature is now also used in the new DISCO 1010 and, with the largest working width of almost 10 m, this enables safe operation and transport even with light tractors in the 150 hp / four-cylinder class. As an alternative to the TREND version, the DISCO 1010 is also available as a COMFORT variant with load-sensing hydraulics, ISOBUS operation with CEMIS 700, and individual lifting as standard.

Maximum performance with optimized efficiency and soil protection

The DISCO 8500, 9200, and 1010 are designed as powerful high output mowers without a conditioner and combine the highest cutting quality with maximum operational efficiency. Thanks to the large working width of 9.70 to 9.90 m on the DISCO 1010, which can be changed by two setting positions on the booms, and the low power requirement of only 150 hp, mowing can be carried out more efficiently and with less soil damage than ever before. This is because a wide working width and low power requirement mean fewer passes and the possibility of using low-weight four-cylinder tractors. The reduced speed of the MAX CUT mower bed, which can be operated with a PTO shaft speed of 850 rpm, also has a positive effect on the operating costs, with a diesel saving of up to 20 percent. When used with CLAAS ARION and AXION tractors with a CMATIC continuously variable transmission, further optimizations can be achieved by using the CEMOS for tractors self-learning, interactive driver assistance and process optimization system.

The main frame and headstock have been redesigned, with the main gearbox moved slightly to the rear and the angular gearboxes facing the cutter bars being slanted by 2°. This ensures that the drive shafts work in a straight line, which reduces the noise level and wear. Beveled lower link brackets facilitate attachment by guiding the catch hooks/lower links. The mower combination is equipped with colour-coded, non-slip Kennfixx plug-in couplers as standard.


claas disco_02


MAX CUT with color-coded blades

The robust, permanently lubricated MAX CUT mower bed with its bolted, torsion-resistant design has been successfully established on the market since 2014. Thanks to its special wave shape with drive pinions mounted far forward, this enables a large overcut, whereby they mesh with several teeth at two points each. On the DISCO 1010, each mower bed has nine contra-rotating mower discs; on the DISCO 9300 there are eight and on the DISCO 8500 there are seven discs. Uniform disc spacing ensures an even cutting pattern. The wave-shaped one piece base plate is made of 5 mm thick steel profile and creates a dirt-removing tunnel effect in connection with the skids. Thanks to new wear skids for another 15 mm more cutting height, the input of raw ash can be reduced and regrowth accelerated at the same time. The specially hardened intermediate pieces are shaped differently for the mower discs that converge and diverge in order to enable both an effective cut as a counter blade and a maximum overlap and thus an optimal crop flow without streaking. Anti-wear rivets on the mower discs and the tungsten carbide coating on the blade holders guarantee reduced set-up times.

The SAFETY LINK safety module is standard and works with a predetermined breaking point on each mower disc, separating the mower disc from the drive train if it comes into contact with a foreign object. An axial screw then prevents the mower disc from detaching and flying away.




Legal road transport and safe parking

Thanks to vector folding, even the impressive working width of the DISCO 1010 can be driven safely and, above all, legally on the road and on narrow tracks. For transport, the outriggers are first moved hydraulically into the 120° transport position, analogous to the other models in the CONTOUR series. They then pivot slightly backwards via a ram combined with the hydraulic non-stop collision safety device and are automatically locked hydraulically. Due to the double slanted position, the mower combination remains below 4.0 m transport height, but at the same time lies diagonally behind the tractor on the headstock and thus shifts the center of gravity to the tractor's longitudinal axis. Compared to mowers that swivel backwards, the load on the front axle of the tractor is reduced by around 50 percent, which has a positive effect on the steering behavior, especially in the case of light four-cylinder tractors with a short wheelbase. In addition, when negotiating tight corners or when turning with the DISCO 1010, there is hardly any tail swing, so it does not endanger other road users. The DISCO 9300 and 8500 are conventionally folded for equally safe road transport.

Like the two smaller working width models, the DISCO 1010 COMFORT can be parked both in the working position and in the transport position after attaching the supports supplied.




Proven thousands of times: Center of gravity suspension, ACTIVE FLOAT and non-stop collision protection

The mower bed of the new DISCO high output mowers are suspended on the arms in the center of gravity, which enables optimal ground tracking with maximum ground clearance when lifting. An adjustable spiral spring ensures that the mower touches the ground evenly when lowered, and a vibration damper stabilizes the mower bed when it is raised. The two pivot points of the boom, transverse to the direction of travel, guarantee optimum ground tracking on uneven surfaces.

The hydropneumatic ACTIVE FLOAT relief for less forage contamination and wear, which has been tried and tested for more than 15 years, allows the ground pressure to be adjusted independently of the lifting kinematics from the tractor seat using an ISOBUS function button or control unit thanks to its own hydraulic circuit and keeps the ground pressure constant regardless of the mower bed position. The set pressure is displayed on two pressure gauges on the headstock, and the contact pressure can be adjusted on one side for mowing borders and slopes.

Both booms are equipped with the unique non-stop collision protection from CLAAS as standard. When it comes into contact with obstacles, the mower bed moves backwards and upwards at the same time due to the 15° inclination of the pivot pin. In the process, oil is pressed from the collision protection into the relief cylinder, which means that the mower bed is additionally relieved. This provides effective protection against serious damage. Once the obstacle has been passed, the mower bed automatically swings back into its working position due to the oil pressure. The outriggers can be raised individually if required. All you need to do is preselect the "Individual lifting" function on the control unit. Alternatively, a separate oil connection can be supplied for each boom, which allows the individual lift to be integrated into the tractor's headland management.




Exemplary accessibility and easy maintenance

Thanks to the protective covers that fold out wide, excellent access to the mower beds is possible. As with all DISCO disc mowers built after 2022, the caps and mower blades of the anti-clockwise rotating mower discs on the new DISCO high output mowers are also painted red. As a result, replacement blades can be immediately assigned to the appropriate mower discs. The practical blade box is divided into three compartments for red and black replacement blades and used blades. High-quality washers made of brass or plastic and stainless steel screws on the protective cloths and holders prevent the turning and attachment points from rusting and thus guarantee a long product life and excellent value retention. All greasing points are also clearly and permanently marked with the appropriate intervals.




All features and innovations at a glance:

  • DISCO 1010 TREND / COMFORT: 9.70 – 9.90 m working width – the widest mounted mower without telescopic booms on the market.
  • New DISCO 9500 TREND and 8300 TREND with 8.10 – 8.30 or 8.90 – 9.10 m working width
  • Requires only 120 to 150 hp power output, which enables soil-friendly and efficient operation with light four-cylinder tractors.
  • First-class cutting quality with extremely smooth running and low drive requirements thanks to the permanently lubricated MAX CUT mower bed.
  • New 15 mm skids for less raw ash entry and faster regrowth.
  • Maximum operational efficiency thanks to a reduced PTO shaft speed of 850 rpm.
  • Additional process optimization via CEMOS for tractors when used with CLAAS ARION CMATIC and AXION CMATIC.
  • ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension and non-stop collision protection.
  • DISCO 1010 TREND / COMFORT with compact vector folding, allows safe and legal road transport
  • It is possible to park all DISCO large area mowers in the working or transport position.
  • Color coded caps and cutter blades as standard for quick and easy blade changes.
  • Practical blade box with three compartments for new and used blades.
  • Individual lift by preselection or directly by single-acting control device (TREND: optional)
  • Excellent accessibility to all maintenance points.
  • Kennfixx plug-in coupler as standard.
  • DISCO 1010 COMFORT: Load sensing hydraulics and ISOBUS operation with CEMIS 700 or alternative ISOBUS universal terminals.