New terminal for automated steering, site-specific work and documentation

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After its introduction on the TRION in summer 2021, the new CLAAS CEMIS 1200 is now also available for LEXION, JAGUAR and CLAAS tractors. In addition to automated steering, it handles online documentation, ISOBUS and TASK controller applications, section control and variable quantity control.

Developed by CLAAS ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, the new CEMIS 1200 replaces the previous S10 universal terminal. The design, graphics and operation using the 12-inch multi-touch screen are based on the CLAAS CEBIS, making operation intuitive and simple. The receiver and control technology used in the CEMIS 1200 was developed through a strategic partnership with Trimble.

Razor-sharp resolution and clearly structured presentation

The CEMIS 1200 has a 12-inch high-brightness display with multi-touch and manual day/night view switching. The working areas and views for automated steering, site-specific quantity control and documentation can be freely configured. Quick Access enables direct, quick access to important functional areas and menus.



Maximum bandwidth for automated steering

The CEMIS 1200 comes with the SAT 900 multi GNSS receiver for a maximum range of possibilities. Receiver and support sensors are combined here in one component. The SAT 900 supports all correction signals (SATCOR by Trimble RTX worldwide; EGNOS for Europe; RTK NET and RTK ready, SBAS for America and Japan) and enables the use of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BEIDOU. Receiver and terminal can be exchanged quickly and easily between different machines in a fleet.

The CEMIS 1200 comes with integrated CLAAS license management and the GPS COPILOT for satellite-supported parallel guidance as standard. The CLAAS GPS PILOT is available for automated satellite-assisted steering. A 5-year license for the SATCOR 15 correction signal by Trimble RTX is included as standard, which enables an accuracy of +/- 15 cm. For more precise work, SATCOR 3 by Trimble RTX with +/- 3 cm accuracy is optionally available as an alternative to RTK correction signals.

In addition, SATCOR 3 FAST by Trimble RTX is available in North America and Europe, which requires an initialization time of less than two minutes with the same accuracy.

Various RTK correction signals can be used via the RTK NET interface, especially for use in CTF controlled traffic farming systems or in strip-till tillage and planting processes, which allow highly precise repeatability in the range of +/- 2 to 3 cm over several years. A component of all RTK activations is the bridging signal RTK BRIDGING STANDARD, which provides seamless backup corrections at the centimeter level for up to 20 minutes in the event of a correction signal failure. A license for RTK BRIDGING PREMIUM is available for unlimited centimeter level backup corrections.

Multifunctional ISOBUS options

In addition to the GPS PILOT for automated steering, the CEMIS 1200 includes the ISOBUS UT / AUX-N and ISO Task Controller TC-BAS functionalities for controlling ISOBUS attachments as well as online file transfer enabling data transmission for documentation purposes as standard. TC-BAS allows the import and export of work orders with reference tracks, field boundaries and activities in ISO-XML format in conjunction with a farm management program. In connection with TELEMATICS or the FMIS systems 365FarmNet and Omnia, work orders can be exchanged online. Further functionalities are optionally available:

  • TC-SC for Section Control part-width section switching with compatible ISOBUS attachments such as seed drills, fertilizer spreaders, crop protection sprayers or hoes. Up to 80 sections can be controlled.
  • TC-GEO for data collection, data transmission and data mapping as documentation and basis for field planning.

Variable Rate Application (VRA) for GPS-based application rate control when sowing, fertilizing or in crop protection. Application maps are transferred to the Task Manager as ISO-XML orders.

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