Kramer presents new products at the autumn agricultural trade fairs


Kramer is once again represented at international agricultural trade fairs this year. For Kramer, these are all about new products. Visitors can look forward to a broad cross-section of the product portfolio in addition to the new products.


New design for the Kramer telehandler

The Kramer telehandler series from 3-5.5 tons payload is receiving a facelift, which will be presented to the agricultural audience in November. The visibility of the work area is a crucial consideration for telehandlers. Combined with the focus on safety, Kramer can score points with its new engine bonnet design, which has been put into use for the KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT3610 and KT457 machines. The result is a best-possible view to the right. In addition, new features like the differential lock and load stabiliser have been subject to an update. The functionality of the machines is therefore optimal for agricultural applications such as in biogas plants and stables.

Zero emission

In 2016, as the first manufacturer, Kramer presented the first all-wheel-steer, fully electric, wheel loader. This year, Kramer is showing the future successor of today’s success model KL25.5e. Alongside the electric wheel loader, Kramer will also present an eTelehandler for the first time. Both machines have the most up-to-date lithium-ion battery technology, which provides more performance, reliability and safety.


ka_image_kl25.5e_current model


Smart Attach

Kramer presents the innovative enhancement of its well-known quick change plate. The new, patented and fully-hydraulic quickhitch system “Smart Attach” will ensure greater productivity, efficiency and safety. Customer requirements have been a key focus here, resulting in the achievement of fundamental and sustainable benefits. Kramer’s well-known quick change plate has been a standard piece of equipment for wheel loaders since 1963 and is still a fully effective system. Widespread approval continues to form the basis for further development, which has now resulted in the fully hydraulic quickhitch system, “Smart Attach”. The dimensions of both quickhitch systems are identical, so existing attachments can continue to be used. Increased safety for the operator, no leakage oil discharge and above all, time saved during attachment changes are just a few of the benefits available to the operator with the system.


ka_detail_feature_smart attach


“We look forward to the opportunity to presenting our high-quality solutions to our customers in person. The stand visitors can look forward to the proven model, but above all, the new products”, Christian Stryffeler, Kramer-Werke GmbH Managing Director, summarises about the trade fair appearances.

SIMA              06.11.2022 – 10.11.2022 , Halle 5b, Stand A018

EIMA              09.11.2022 – 13.11.2022 , Halle 36, Stand B/8

EuroTier        15.11.2022 – 18.11.2022 , Halle 27, Stand C15