Extensive facelift for CLAAS telehandlers

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For the 2023 model year, the SCORPION telehandlers from CLAAS will receive a comprehensive facelift. In addition to improvements in operator comfort, the smaller models have new engines with more engine power.

CLAAS has had telehandlers in its product range since 1994 and from 2019, the machines have been developed and built in cooperation with Liebherr. Six models with 143 and 156 hp engines currently cover a range from 7.5 to 11.7 t operating weight, 7.0 to almost 9.0 m stacking height and 3,200 to 6,000 kg lifting capacity.

Increased performance thanks to more engine power and VARIPOWER 2

The entire SCORPION model series from CLAAS is equipped with efficient, powerful four-cylinder engines from Deutz. For the 2023 model year, the 3.6 l Stage V engine in the SCORPION 732, 736, 741 and 746 models have been optimised for greater efficiency and performance in cooperation with LIEBHERR. As a result, the SCORPION 732, 736, 741 and 746 models each have 50 Nm more torque and an increase in power output of 6 hp. The compact engines remain economical in operation and maintenance, as usual, and are characterized by low maintenance requirements.

The SCORPION 741, 736 and 732 models have been fitted with the hydrostatic VARIPOWER 2 drive from the CLAAS JAGUAR since 2021. The compact drive unit with its highly efficient, high-torque twin motor ensures a long service life, further improved drive efficiency and a lower noise level on the road. The driver has three driving ranges available – 0 to 20 km/h, 0 to 30 km/h and 0 to 40 km/h – which can be preselected with the press of a thumb. A maximum speed of 40 km/h is standard, but this can be limited to 30 or 20 km/h as an option. The respective final speed is reached at a reduced, fuel-saving engine speed. The braking behavior of all SCORPION has been further optimized by new components such as the brake valve and brake pedal along with new software tuning. An automatic parking brake is standard as a braking assistant for uphill and downhill gradients, which prevents the machine from rolling away.

SMART LOADING: Sensitive, fast and convenient

CLAAS SCORPION telescopic handlers are known for their sensitive working hydraulics on the telescopic arm and attachment, which is achieved, for example, by the standard end position damping. For even faster and more convenient loading cycles, the larger SCORPION 960 to 746 models are equipped with automatic telescopic boom arm retraction when lowering. Together with the optional automatic bucket return, loading cycles are child's play for the driver. From now on, all SCORPION models also have regenerative working hydraulics. The load-free lowering is decoupled from the engine speed and the speed adjustment dependent on the joystick deflection also reduces the noise level and fuel consumption.

When attaching and detaching implements, drivers benefit from optimized pressure relief for safer and faster implement changes.

Revised cab with new air conditioning

The SCORPION have also been further developed in the area of the driver's workplace. A new air conditioning system with increased air volume increases driving comfort, especially on hot working days. A new, angle- and height-adjustable steering column with automatic indicator reset optimizes ergonomics and ensures greater safety when driving on the road. In addition, the steering mode switchover has been optimized so that the four steering modes can be set even more reliably and precisely.

All news and innovations at a glance:

  • New, efficient DEUTZ four-cylinder engines with 6 HP more power optimized by LIEBHERR for SCORPION 732, 736, 741 and 746.
  • Optimized braking behavior and brake assistant for all SCORPION series.
  • Automatic boom retraction for SCORPION 960 to 746.
  • Regenerative working hydraulics for faster loading cycles and maximum fuel efficiency with reduced noise levels.
  • Cab with new, more efficient air conditioning and ergonomic steering column with indicator reset.
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