Címke: innovation (78 cikk)

2021. augusztus 4. 10:52

BKT once again alongside Italian start-ups

The fourth episode of the “Growing Together” series, the BKT project which, together with DAZN, tells the tale of the towns in the Serie BKT champions...

2021. július 5. 11:06

EIMA International awards innovation

For every EIMA event held since 1986 FederUnacoma has sponsored a Competition for awarding prizes enhancing the value of innovative products presented...

2020. november 27. 09:18

Sustainable agriculture according to BKT

Latest-generation efficient tires designed for every need: a further step towards smarter and greener development of the agricultural industry. Piero...

2020. május 15. 14:20

Pöttinger leads in idea management

Idea management has been a part of the company organisation at Pöttinger – the agricultural machinery manufacturer – for many years. The pioneering Au...

2019. október 31. 18:11

Technical trends in crop protection

If you rank agricultural machinery topics by the degree of controversy they produce few, if any, would beat chemical crop protection. However, this is...

2019. október 31. 18:07

Trends in potato technology

The consequences of climate change, after two consecutive drought years in Germany, have provided a focus for discussions among growers and equipment...

2019. október 24. 12:22

Trends in tractors

For years, Agritechnica has been regarded as the world's most important platform for innovations in agricultural machinery, not least because of the A...

2019. április 1. 10:16

STEYR innovation honoured

STEYR Q-KMS camera on the STEYR Profi CVT distinguished with Demopark silver medal.

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