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Fendt 724 Vario remains Germany's most popular tractor in 2022

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At the beginning of the year, the horse power Bundesliga is always published in Germany. For the eighth time, the Fendt 724 Vario is the "Nation's Favorite".

In 2022, "a total of 30,344 tractors were registered" writes profi magazine (issue 3/2023). This means that the tractor market in Germany has declined by 4,128 units compared to 2021. profi cites a lack of supply parts as a long-term consequence of the Corona pandemic as the reason.

Fendt in first place from 201 hp

As in 2021, Fendt leads the statistics for new registrations in Germany in 2022 in all performance classes from 201 hp. In 2022, 1,773 Fendt tractors were newly registered in the 201 to 300 hp power class, 644 machines more than the runner-up. In this performance class, Fendt offers models from the Fendt 700 Vario Gen6 series. In the performance classes from 301 hp upwards, Fendt has the Fendt 900 and 1000 Vario series of large tractors in its product range, as well as the Fendt tracked tractors.

Most popular Fendt tractors in 2022

"Green dominates the table of the most popular models. The all-rounder Fendt 724 Vario was registered no less than 887 times in 2022," writes the agricultural technology magazine profi. For the eighth time in a row, the Fendt 724 Vario Gen6 takes first place among the most registered tractors in Germany and, as the "Nation's Favorite," also leads the overall list of new registrations. As in previous years, the Fendt 700 Vario and Fendt 500 Vario series were particularly popular with German farmers in 2022. In second place among the most popular Fendt tractors is the Fendt 516 Vario with 712 registrations in Germany. As in 2021, the Fendt 718 Vario follows in third place with 415 newly registered machines.

"The Fendt 700 Vario and Fendt 500 Vario series are compact, maneuverable and flexible. That's exactly what makes them the most popular series among German farmers. Added to this is FendtONE with the full range of Smart Farming options that allow efficient, resource-conserving and economical work. In 2022, we unveiled the completely redeveloped seventh generation of the Fendt 700 Vario with the top model Fendt 728 Vario. With this, we want to build directly on the success of the sixth generation," explains Andreas Loewel, Director of Fendt Sales Germany. "The results of the German Tractor League and the overall victory in the registration statistics for 51 hp and above confirm that professional farmers and contractors in Germany rely on Fendt."

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