Manitou United Kingdom celebrates its 50th anniversary

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Manitou Group, a worldwide reference in handling, aerial lift platforms and earthmoving, is celebrating 50 years of its Manitou United Kingdom (Manitou UK) subsidiary based in the English town of Verwood, Dorset. The first international subsidiary created by the group in 1972, Manitou UK distributes products and services throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Manitou Group's first international operation was established in 1972 in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, under the name Manitou Site Lift Limited. It therefore became the first overseas subsidiary, marking the beginning of the group's internationalization. In 1980, Manitou Site Lift Ltd expanded to its current premises in the town of Verwood, near Southampton. In 1998, the subsidiary took its current name and became Manitou UK.

Manitou UK provides technical and sales support to 51 Gehl and Manitou dealers in 91 locations across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The UK subsidiary now has around 50 employees, divided between sales administration, marketing, spare parts and after-sales service. The market covered by Manitou UK represents nearly 10% of the group's turnover, making it
one of the main markets after France and the United States.

The subsidiary's business is dominated by construction, which accounts for 60% of sales, with the agricultural market accounting for approximately 20%. Mark Ormond, Managing Director of the Manitou UK subsidiary adds: "We are very proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary. The construction market recovered very quickly after the 2020 fall, meaning our 2021 turnover was back to pre-pandemic levels and close to a record level. Although supply is currently the limiting factor affecting our turnover, we expect 2022 to be a new record year of sales for Manitou UK. Thank you to all of our staff, dealers and customers for the trust you put in us. ".

In 2017, the subsidiary saw its premises completely renovated in order to provide employees with optimal working conditions. The previously separate offices have made way for a large open-plan space that promotes team cohesion and communication between departments. The workshops have also been modernized to improve the accommodation of technicians during training sessions.

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