Manitou Group: Renewal of Michel Denis as President & CEO

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The Board of Directors of Manitou BF, in their meeting today, decided unanimously to renew the mandate of Mr. Michel Denis as President & CEO for a further period of 4 years until the Annual General Meeting in 2026 that will approve the financial statements of 2025.

Jacqueline Himsworth, Chairman of the Board of Directors said: "We would like to thank Michel Denis for the work achieved since his arrival and in particular during the last four years. Over this period, the group has experienced remarkable growth, demonstrated a very strong resilience and a very sharp rebound from the end of 2020. On the strength of its improved profitability, its innovations and the acceleration of its ecological transition, the group is looking at the future with confidence and ambition.”

Michel Denis stated: "I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their confidence. It is a pride and an honor to continue to lead the development of this finest international company. Together with the men and women of Manitou Group, we are strongly committed to meeting the challenges that lie ahead and to pursuing our mission: to improve working conditions, safety and performance worldwide, while protecting people and their environment.”

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Manitou Group: Q4 2020 Sales Revenues

Manitou Group: Q4 2020 Sales Revenues

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