Topcon Agriculture announces new guidance receivers and correction services tailorable for any farming operation

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Topcon Agriculture announces new manual guidance and autosteering receivers — the AGM-1 and AGS-2 — and new Topnet Live cellular, satellite and bridging correction services: Realpoint, Starpoint, and Skybridge.
 Topcon Agriculture improves workflows for farming operations

Accurate positioning is the cornerstone of site-specific management. It is not only required for accurate operations, but expansive data collection, enabling farm professionals to compare different types of information, such as yield, soil type, and fertility, for better decision making. The technology is used for machine operations and all associated tasks where tracking location data is relevant to crop optimization, including soil preparation, seeding, crop care, and harvesting.

To support the range of agricultural applications, the receiver and steering controller uses the new Topnet Live correction services. Plus, with the option of Skybridge, users can maintain network connection during any RTK interruption.

Topcon AGS-2 guidance receiver

Brian Sorbe, VP of global product solutions, said, “Topcon receivers are designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine type, make and model. Equipped with progressive reception and tracking capabilities, with the option of manual guidance or complete autosteering, the receivers are suitable for any size or type of operation. With access to the full range of correction services through the AGS-2, Topcon provides farmers with the right fit for their operation with accuracy on demand. Each unique farming operation may have differing accuracy requirements and this approach will benefit their operation.

Topcon Agriculture new AGS-2 guidance receiver and correction services

“Calibrated to accuracies of within two centimeters, the new correction services provide reliable pass-to-pass precision. Through a constantly improving network and variety of cost-effective subscription models, the service delivers reliable connection stability across the globe. With these new offerings, Topcon continues to offer powerful solutions to suit the variable demands of agriculture,” Sorbe said.

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