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An open approach, collaboration with outstanding start-ups and an agile structure – with AGXTEND CNH Industrial presents its platform to enable completely new research and development approaches in the field of precision farming.

Officially available since January 1st, 2019, CNH Industrial is announcing the full unveiling of its AGXTEND innovation platform, a new approach to bringing the latest precision technology to farmers. Lean structures and close cooperation with innovative start-ups enable CNH Industrial to offer a significantly more agile mindset and the opportunity to make start-up technologies accessible across the farming sector. Thanks to proven corporate structures and an extensive dealer network, CNH Industrial can for the first time ensure these technologies are supported by the sort of service professional producers expect for their equipment.

Disruptive approach

With the founding of AGXTEND, CNH Industrial takes an innovation path. Through cooperation with innovative start-ups and technology companies, it thereby helps to further advance digitalization in agriculture. In this way, AGXTEND gives CNH Industrial the opportunity to put innovations into practice quickly and easily through strategic partnerships.

"With AGXTEND, we want to further exploit the huge potential of precision farming applications,” says Maximilian Birle, Head of Product Management AGXTEND.

“A multitude of special solutions, a lack of networking of different brands and a lack of availability of new technologies still leave a lot of room for improvement in this sector. AGXTEND offers a new approach that takes up this challenge and simplifies everyday agricultural work".


Since the official launch of AGXTEND, a large number of innovative start-ups have signed contracts to supply CNH Industrial with their technologies, with a focus on a partnership-based relationship. In the future, the goal is to unite further disruptive start-ups under the AGXTEND umbrella. AGXTEND's partners include not only start-ups, but also experienced partners from various sectors of the economy:

  • AppsforAgri: Together with AppsforAgri, AGXTEND offers the FarmXtend solution – environmental sensors with added value. The user not only benefits from a reliable 14-day weather forecast from the system's weather station, but also intuitive and simple decisionmaking aids via the app.
  • Geoprospectors: Working with the industry's leading soil sensor supplier, AGXTEND offers the SoilXplorer soil sensor and the ISOBUS DepthXcontrol kit.
  • Zasso: Together with AGXTEND, this innovative supplier for nonchemical weed control presents the Electroherb electronic system for completely herbicide-free weed control.
  • Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik: This company, which specializes in biotechnology, microbiology and precision farming, is AGXTEND's partner for the CropXplorer Basic and CropXplorer plant sensors.
  • Dinamica Generale: This globally-operating company specializes in electronic solutions, weighing systems and NIR sensor technology.
  • Stenon GmbH: Together with Stenon, AGXTEND offers the real-time soil analysis system XLab.

Innovative strength and practical benefits

Combining a multitude of innovative start-up technologies supported by a globally successful group, AGXTEND not only offers many different revolutionary technologies, but also a complete package. The universal platform approach aids the interaction of the different products to achieve more efficiency and simplified work steps, to enable farmers and contractors to benefit directly from the new technologies in practice. They can not only be used with the standard farm vehicle platform, the tractor, but are ‘robotready'. AGXTEND thus takes an important step towards more sustainability in agriculture, coupled with maximum possible innovative power.

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