ENOVITIS IN CAMPO Sicily, a success beyond all expectations

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Over 6,000 walked through the vines of Baglio Biesina in Marsala in the two days dedicated to testing machines and equipment for vineyards organised by the UIV (Italian Wine Union) and Veronafiere with 80 exhibitors from all over Italy. Large participation in the conferences focusing on organic wine and oil.

Milan, 9 June 2015 – Extraordinary response of operators and the public for the "first" Sicilian edition of Enovitis in Campo, the exhibition specialised in the testing of machines and equipment for vineyards and olive groves, which ended last Saturday in Marsala, in the picturesque setting of the Baglio Biesina winery.

Over 6,000 professionals (1,500 more than at Enovitis in Campo 2014 held in the Veneto Region) walked the kilometre path between the rows of vines at the Baglio to see the machines and equipment of 80 companies from all over Italy at work: harvesters, specialised tractors, sprayers, tipping machines, leaf strippers. "A valuable updating opportunity for our winemakers - as Nino Caleca, Councillor for Agriculture of the Region of Sicily, pointed out, speaking at the event - but above all an opportunity for all of Sicily to return to being one of the key points of Italian viticulture. In this sense, Enovitis in Campo has created a bridge between the North and South of the Mediterranean.”

 “The success denotes two facts of great value" said Domenico Zonin, U.I.V. President - "The first is the strong awareness of Italian wine producers regarding the issues of innovation and sustainability as drivers for competitiveness, connected to the consolidated ability of Enovitis to adequately respond to this updating requirement. The second is the evident national dimension of the identity of our industry that the successful travelling formula of Enovitis has further confirmed. While the combination of innovation-competitiveness is strategic to address and overcome the current time of economic difficulty, the sign of a "wine Italy" that feels unique, despite the variety of people, territories and vines, provides a concrete answer to the real difficulty of today´s system of Regions. A crisis that, as we have repeatedly denounced, continues to have serious negative impact on Italian viticulture too.  An event such as Enovitis In Campo that shows it can speak one language in the south and in the north, in the centre and in the islands, indicates to the institutions of the country the direction the wine policy must follow too."

"The tenth edition of Enovitis in Campo, the second collaboration project between the UIV and Veronafiere - added Damiano Berzacola, deputy President of Veronafiere - confirms the success of the format and the excellent potential for growth in a sector that will then be represented at Fieragricola 2016”.

In addition to its importance as an exhibition, Enovitis in Campo has confirmed its significant role for the discussion of very topical issues in the world of wine and oil. The conference focusing on organic wine in Italy and Europe organised by the news magazine Corriere Vinicolo in partnership with the Semana Vitivinicola (Spain) and Weinwirtschaft (Germany) and the one on oil and its recovery after a very difficult 2014 by OlioOfficina catalysed the attention of over 400 people.

A full support programme was staged at Baglio Biesina. This included the competition “Vote the Tractor”, the exhibition of tools from the past at the “Ethno-anthropological Museum of Rural Culture “, the guided tours led by Professor Lucio Brancadoro from the University of Milan – coordinator of the research programme on rootstocks and Professor Pietro Catania from the University of Palermo, in collaboration with Giampaolo Schillaci, from the University of Catania, and the area set aside for Tergeo, the project led by the UIV (Italian Wine Union) for the collection, review and dissemination of innovative solutions to improve the sustainability of wineries.


Címlapkép: Getty Images
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