Innovation Challenge 2022: Technological experimentation in the vineyard awarded at Enovitis in Campo

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From low-emission tractors to intelligent sprayers, from management software for optimal planning to sprayers with fully electric operating machines: the winners have been announced of the Lucio Mastroberardino Innovation Challenge, the competition held as part of the 16th edition of Enovitis in Campo (Ca' Bolani winery, Cervignano del Friuli – UD, 23-24 June 2022).

Over the years, the event, organised by the Unione Italiana Vini, has established itself as a decisive test for products, technologies, machinery and services dedicated to the vineyard. The award aims to give visibility and recognise the commitment to innovation and experimentation in the field of viticulture by the companies that exhibit during the Enovitis in Campo and SIMEI events.

There are specifically two awards: the Technology Innovation Award and the New Technology Award. The Technology Innovation Award is awarded to works that show significant elements of progress in terms of different qualitative parameters, while the New Technology Award is a recognition that is reserved for technologies considered to be partially innovative as they are characterised by elements of progress for at least one of the evaluation parameters set out in the competition rules.

Eight award-winning innovations:

  • SRX 5800 Tora by Antonio Carraro spa (New Technology)
  • ARVAplant Mobile by ARVAtec srl (New Technology)
  • BCS Eagle 85 Dualsteer by BCS spa (New Technology)
  • Smart Synthesis Hybrid by Caffini spa (Technology Innovation Award)
  • BIOOtwin® L by CBC (Europe) srl (New Technology)
  • Cima Kit – Easy Farm by C.I.M.A. spa (New Technology)
  • e-Sprayer by Nobili spa (Technology Innovation Award)
  • UV Stimulation by UV Boosting (New Technology)

Below are the product data sheets and the reasons that led to the awarding of the awards.

SRX 5800 Tora – Antonio Carraro spa

It may not have entirely new features in the market of specialised tractors, yet the SRK 4800 Tora by Antonio Carraro does have a series of excellent features normally found only on top power tractors in this category: cabin with only 4 uprights certified in class 4 suitable as PPE in phytosanitary treatments, low driving position, up to 13 hydraulic outlets and engines compliant with Stage 5 in terms of gaseous pollutants. This is a new machine available for winegrowers, which, despite its relatively limited power, features significantly avant-garde technical characteristics.

ARVAplant Mobile – ARVAtec srl 

The ARVAplant Mobile system has proven to be unique in its category and provides a simple and efficient system for experienced winegrowers who can thus solve the problem of the "design" of the planting of a vineyard directly in the field. A very welcome feature of the system is the possibility to trace and calculate the necessary material which can be carried out by a single operator and in any soil condition. Of particular importance is the possibility to precisely programme the numerical needs of the materials before planting, thus avoiding waste and loss of time as well as work disruption. The system, particularly suitable for manual planting, offers the real possibility of support and cost savings for planting even in soil conditions not suitable for mechanisation.

BCS Eagle 85 Dualsteer – BCS spa

The electronic clutch of the Eagle 95 range introduces certain functions in the medium-high power isodiameter tractors gamut that improve the level of comfort and safety of the operator, especially for the longer working days and the execution of repetitive manoeuvres, such as the handling of materials with a front loader. The upgrade to Stage 5 in terms of gaseous pollutants generally involves an increase in the overall dimensions of the engine compartment, while in this case they have managed to reduce the height by as much as 80 mm, with tangible advantages in terms of visibility between the vine rows.

Smart Synthesis Hybrid Atomizer – Caffini spa

The sprayer introduces real-time control of the fan air flow in relation to the characteristics of the vegetation. This is made possible by the electric drive of the fan. The regulation of the air volume is essential to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment and limit the detrimental phenomenon of drift. The use of PWM nozzles with pulsed jet management allows for the formation of a stream of droplets that does not change in size as the flow rate of the mixture changes.

BIOOtwin® L – CBC (Europe) srl

The biodegradability of BIOOtwin ® L polymers, combined with the characteristics of the pheromone release, guaranteeing its complete depletion before the spring following that of application, greatly simplifies its management in the field. The product does not need to be removed, as it is totally absorbed by the soil and transformed into organic matter (carbon dioxide, water and biomass).

Kit Cima Easy Farm – C.I.M.A. spa

The Cima – Easy Farm kit is a management software that allows you to monitor operational data (average distributed dose, average speed and average working pressure, litres of water + agrochemicals distributed, hectares treated, total operating time and actual treatment time, GPS recording of the route followed). Data storage provides a report of the processing. This enables operational efficiency, better management of company machines, traceability of operations and data storage.

e-Sprayer – Nobili spa

The e-Sprayer system is highly innovative, not only thanks to the fully electric operating machine, but also thanks to the development of an interconnected work site with the "E-SOURCE NewHolland" evolution. The fully electric system opens up a new technological scenario in viticulture, as it allows the best calibration of the working parts, considerable energy savings, clean transmission of power and a manageable and agile work site.

UV Stimulation – UV Boosting

The UV-C emission system is an innovative method for the control of certain fungal diseases in the vineyard, stimulating the natural defence mechanisms of the plant and therefore responding to the needs of reducing the use of chemicals.

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