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All the world's leading tractor manufacturers present The first edition of “CORRIERE VINICOLO VITE” edited by the U.I.V to be distributed

Milan, June 2014 - The 9th edition of ENOVITIS IN CAMPO is just around the corner. On this coming 19th and 20th June, it will be possible to see the best agricultural machinery for the vineyard on display and tested directly in the vineyard. The event has become a key reference point for the industry, a must for leading world manufacturers of tractors who will all be present again this year.

The programme is full of important events for industry professionals as well as the general public.

Not to be missed is the Conference on Thursday 19th at 3 p.m. entitled “Prosecco DOC and Prosecco SUPERIORE DOCG: TERRITORY THAT BECOMES STYLE”. Institutions, representatives from the Consortia and producers will be meeting to review the current industry, look at the prospects for the future and indicate the urgency of a phenomenon that is the pride of the Made in Italy brand in the world, an important voice of our economy. Speakers include Domenico Zonin, in the dual role of Chairman of the Italian Wine Union and producer, and the Minister of Agriculture of the Veneto Region, Franco Manzano.

A special in-depth look at some of the more distinctive models on display will be given during the guided tours organized by the UIV and VeronaFiere sponsored by FederUnacoma (National Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers). The scientific coordinator of the project is Professor Paul Balsari, from the University of Turin, who, with his staff, will provide his technical expertise and experience accompanying visitors to discover real gems of technology including traditional vineyard sprayers, sprayers with recovery, different types of vineyard sprayers, booms for disease control in the vineyard and chemical rotary brushes. Two tours are scheduled, one on Thursday 19th, with industry professionals and the other on Friday 20th with students of relevant studies.


On both days from 9 to 9.45 a.m. there will be an important technical update, in collaboration with Unima and ENAMA, to discuss the requirement to check all sprayers for professional use. In the majority of cases, the control must be carried out by 2016 according to specific guidelines that will be explained by Roberto Limongelli of ENAMA at the meeting on Thursday 19th and by Christian Baldoini from the University of Padua on the following day, Friday, 20th June. All sprayer owners will be able to get full information as regards the type of control necessary for their machine, how it differs depending on the calibration, and by when and according to which procedures they should comply with the legislation. Of course, this will be the right time to refer any doubt or perplexity to the speakers and to have clear and comprehensive answers.

The Focus of ENOVITIS IN CAMPO is the best of vineyard technology. Among the numerous entries for the INNOVATION CHALLENGE, five machines have been selected by the Scientific Committee that will be given the NEW TECHNOLOGY certificates and the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AWARD.


The leading manufacturers of tractors will be present and the best tractor for 2014 will be selected from the models on display.  The winegrowers, technicians, entrepreneurs and specialized operators themselves will be deciding on the winner of VOTE THE TRACTOR. This they will do by voting using a dedicated software. The event is sponsored by Unima and organised with the collaboration of MacGest, the portal of agricultural machinery.

Even the uninitiated will enjoy some of the events taking place at the next edition of ENOVITIS IN CAMPO. The VINTAGE TRACTOR exhibition, for example, which will be featuring some real museum pieces that have made the history of agriculture and ENOVITIS IN CAMPO JUNIOR, an event designed to entertain even the youngest tractor fans who will be able to drive pedal models on their scale on safe and fun circuits.

Back again for the ninth edition, the themed areas have been a success in the past two years. Themed areas will be set up to look in-depth at specific issues, including the use of pruning waste that is an important resource to produce, with the appropriate precautions, calories, refrigeration or electricity.


During the two days of ENOVITIS IN CAMPO, the first edition of CORRIERE VINICOLO VITE will be distributed. This is a new publication by the Italian Wine Union. It will propose specific and highly professional analyses of every aspect of the vineyard: new technologies, trends, technology and legislation. The objective is to provide a comprehensive source of technical information that is clear and accessible to all industry professionals. It will be a bi-annual publication with "seasonal" themes: in March pesticides, fertilizers and processing and defence equipment will be discussed while in October, nurseries and machinery will be the focus.

The best vineyard technology will be on display and actually tested on the vines at Enovitis in Campo.

A large area will be occupied by spraying machines, some of which will be presented for the first time ever, machines for the management of the soil, from total to selective processing, flails and all pruning systems that can be viewed and used by visitors. Many companies will also be present as "static" exhibitors, such as the producers of pesticides or equipment for the planting of vines. They will, however, have the opportunity to do practical demonstrations involving the audience with tests and simulations in the spirit of the dynamic nature of the event.

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