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Agritechnica 2019 presents its innovative trade fair concept for exhibitors and visitors

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Global agricultural technology platform with attractive exhibition offering, new topics and visitor services - "Global Farming – Local Responsibility" is the Agritechnica 2019 guiding theme.

More than 2,750 exhibitors from 51 countries will present their new and further developments when Agritechnica, the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology, takes place at Hanover's fully booked exhibition grounds from 10th to 16th November 2019 (special preview days on 10th and 11th November). The event remains the international showcase for the global agricultural machinery industry, and a forum for discussing important questions about the future of plant production.

Trade visitors from the host nation of Germany and agricultural nations worldwide can expect a range of attractive services, topical features and premieres at Agritechnica 2019. These include the new "DLG-AgrifutureLab" exhibition area for start-ups, as well as “International Farmers' Day”, which premieres this year by focusing on the agricultural nations France and the United Kingdom. The extensive programme of conferences and forums this year will take place under the event's guiding theme, "Global Faming - Local Responsibility".

"Innovations, information, networking and business – this is what the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology stands for," says Marie Servais, Project Manager at Agritechnica, who is pleased with the high level of interest ahead of the event. “Agritechnica is fully booked out to the very last stand, and the event is once again the global platform for national and international agriculture.

"With new services for visitors, such as our innovative Agritechnica app, but also new event formats such as International Farmers' Day and the DLG-AgrifutureLab, we are offering new platforms for the growing dynamics in agriculture and agricultural engineering,” adds Servais. “And under 2019's guiding theme, "Global Farming - Local Responsibility", we are discussing solutions for the sustainable future of agriculture in numerous forums, special features and conferences, together with the agricultural machinery industry."

Marie Servais, Project Manager at Agritechnica

DLG-AgrifutureLab: Agricultural start-ups present their innovations

As a meeting place for decision-makers and a leading business marketplace, Agritechnica is the perfect breeding ground for innovation. With the DLG-AgrifutureLab (Pavilion 11, Hall 11), Agritechnica 2019 will be offering start-ups and other recently established innovative companies the opportunity to provide answers to the big questions about the future of agriculture by providing them with attractive ways to present their visions and products to the international agricultural sector. These may include sensor technology, cloud data storage and the introduction of smartphone apps that make use of “big data” and clever algorithms have the potential to revolutionise the way farmers manage their crops. The internet and social media mean that any company with a compelling offering can get its products in front of farmers, and start-ups with the right idea at the right time can build new markets where none existed before.

International Farmers' Day makes its debut

Thanks to its specialised programme with a large number of international congresses, workshops and forums, Agritechnica is regarded as the most important forward-looking platform for the agricultural sector. It is here that technology trends are identified and highlighted, and the important future questions of agriculture and agricultural technology are discussed.

  • International Farmers' Day will take place for the first time at Agritechnica 2019 on 14th November, with the launch event featuring France and the United Kingdom. The world's leading trade fair will focus on the interests of farmers from these two nations, with a comprehensive forum programme featuring expert presentations taking place in Hall 15. This will present the challenges faced by French and UK farmers and the solutions that the agricultural machinery industry has developed to overcome them. Meanwhile, a key session at the 2019 AgMachinery Conference on International Farmers' Day will discuss the topic "The European Union in the Post-Brexit Era – Challenges for Farmers in Europe". With the launch of this new feature, it is appropriate that both France and the United Kingdom will host International Pavilions for the first time at Agritechnica 2019.
  • In cooperation with the VDMA (Germany's Mechanical Engineering Industry Association), the international conference series "Ag Machinery International" will continue at Agritechnica 2019. In addition to the International Farmers' Day events, the opening day of this important conference on 13th November will provide an opportunity to discuss the topic "Chances and challenges of large-scale agriculture worldwide".
  • The international "LAND.TECHNIK AgEng 2019" conference, organised by the Association of German Engineers (VDI), will give an overview of the latest developments in agricultural engineering and provide information about the latest research results when it takes place on the eve of Agritechnica 2019, on 8th/9th November at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds' Convention Centre.

DLG Special Features "Protecting Yield & Nature" and "Acre of Knowledge"

Sustainable agriculture should reconcile productivity with the conservation of resources and the environment. To achieve this, farmers worldwide need the appropriate know-how and applicable technologies for their local conditions to efficiently implement these goals on their farms. In an increasingly digitised agricultural sector, many innovative technologies are available for this purpose.

Under its guiding theme "Global Farming – Local Responsibility", Agritechnica will present the latest technologies and trends that can enable a sustainable productivity increase in agriculture and provide answers on safeguarding yields and protecting the environment. These include, in particular, the latest developments in the fields of soil-conservation technology, technology for low-loss fertilisation, innovative systems for decision support, resource-saving crop protection methods and innovative irrigation systems. Two Special Features at Agritechnica 2019 will provide a particular focus on these issues:

  • Protecting Yield & Nature in Hall 15, which focuses on these topics, will include 15 manufacturers, institutions and specialist partners exhibiting the latest technologies and systems.
  • The Acre of Knowledge in Hall 21 will show how farms on different continents around the world can benefit from innovative technology. This Special Feature offers international visitors in particular the opportunity to participate in a unique information platform that will allow them to compare different systems and offers in one place, to engage in an intensive exchange of opinions and experiences with experts, and to make new contacts.
  • Numerous other forum events at Agritechnica 2019 will complete the national and international information offering on these important topics.

Systems & Components will have its own theme and a new competition

This year marks the fourth time that Systems & Components has featured as part of Agritechnica. Its role as a technical spotlight, industry get-together and B2B platform for OEM suppliers perfectly complements the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology. Systems & Components will provide information on the latest developments and innovations from manufacturers supplying the parts used to build machinery for the agricultural and related sectors.

About 700 exhibitors in Halls 15, 16, 17 and 18 at Hanover Exhibition Grounds will offer a comprehensive overview of current trends and take a look into the future of agricultural engineering. Businesses of all sizes, from industry leaders to start-ups, from more than 40 countries will present their competence and innovative strength in the areas of engines, electronics, drive technology, hydraulics and cabs, as well as spare and wearing parts.

With its own guiding theme, "Assisted Farming – Engineering Agriculture Through Smart Solutions", Systems & Components will this year focus on assistance systems for agricultural machinery, as well as upstream and downstream data interaction. And the DLG will award the "Systems & Components Engineers' Choice Trophy" for components and systems for the first time at Agritechnica 2019. This will recognise the high status and innovative force of the supplier industry for agricultural machinery.

Attractive offers for younger visitors. Average age of Agritechnica is 37.1 years old.

Agritechnica has always recognised the importance of introducing young people to the agricultural sector, both to better inform those who are interested in a career in the industry, and to encourage anyone who might want to develop a business serving the agricultural community. Agritechnica's organiser, the DLG – which also runs the Young DLG for young members – therefore provides a range of reasons for younger visitors to attend Agritechnica:

  • Thursday, 14th November, is "Young Farmers 'Day" at Agritechnica 2019, which features a tailored technical programme during the day, and ends with the "Young Farmers' Party" running long into the evening. The day sets an important benchmark in terms of its professional offering to young entrepreneurs and professionals in agriculture, but doesn't forget the all-important fun factor. Many exhibitors also focus their activities on the day to address young people. Young Farmers' Day has achieved cult status and has become a leading national and international networking platform for young farmers.
  • In the "Campus & Career" exhibition area at Agritechnica 2019 the DLG and its partners will present a comprehensive information and consulting programme centred on professional agricultural careers. In the "Career" section, visitors can make contact with recruiting companies, obtain information from personnel consultants and learn more about training and further education opportunities. In the "Campus" area, colleges and universities, as well as research institutes, will present their current research projects. The Campus & Career area, with about 60 exhibitors, will be located in Hall 21.
  • The "Workshop Live" Special Feature (Hall 2, Stand E40), which is organised in cooperation with the German Federation of Agricultural Engineers, is being held for the seventh time this year. Bringing the workshop into Agritechnica's exhibition halls, live hourly demonstrations by apprentices, service technicians and master engineers will show how maintenance and repair work is done today using state-of-the-art technology, and explain what requirements are placed on the various qualification levels in the job. The programme is supplemented by a comprehensive range of information provided by engineering training providers. For students between the ages of 14 and 17 who want to follow an education and career in this attractive profession, Workshop Live provides an excellent job-orientation opportunity that grabbed the attention of more than 5,000 students at Agritechnica 2017.
  • This year, the fascination for agricultural technology will not only be felt in the 23 packed halls at Hanover Exhibition Grounds, but also in the virtual world of a computer game. For the first time, Agritechnica 2019 will host a tournament in the Farming Simulator League. In Pavilion 32, teams will play "Farming Simulator" in an attempt to win cash prizes and collect points that could help them qualify for the league final in 2020. This event is expected to attract agricultural enthusiasts from many countries and is another new highlight in the Agritechnica 2019 programme.

Record number of International Pavilions

The number of national pavilions at Agritechnica 2019 has increased to a record of 37 national stands, representing 21 countries and regions. The popularity of the pavilions, which allow small and medium-size enterprises to exhibit at Agritechnica under the banner of their home nation, has resulted in 21 countries and regions taking part at this year's event, six more than at Agritechnica 2017.

The number of pavilions at the trade fair has been growing hand-in-hand with Agritechnica's international scope, and there are some high-profile newcomers for 2019, including France and the United Kingdom, which are both featured countries in this year's new International Farmers' Day. Additionally Spain is another newcomer with a pavilion that will host 27 companies.

More than 9,000 square metres of exhibition space will be dedicated to national pavilions this year, and more than 270 different companies will be taking part. Canada and Russia will have the largest presence in terms of exhibition area.This continuing success for Agritechnica's pavilion programme reinforces the event's reputation as the international meeting place for the global agricultural sector.

International Dealer and Service Centre

The DLG, the German Federation of Agricultural Engineers and the European Agricultural Machinery Trade Association (CLIMMAR) will again host the International Dealer and Service Centre (Hall 2, Stand E40). Aimed at all agricultural technology dealers worldwide, this is a centrally located service point for the sector providing information and networking opportunities. The service centre's comprehensive offering will include companies providing finance, insurance, logistics, used equipment, freight forwarding, customs and personnel services.

Meet the DLG in Hall 21

The DLG will once again host a stand giving insights into its extensive technical and test work (Hall 21, Stand B26). The DLG Test Centre for Technology and Equipment, for example, will present the range of tests it can carry out for agricultural machinery manufacturers, as well as the results from the DLG PowerMix, its respected efficiency test for tractors. Research results for crop production will be provided by experts from the International DLG Plant Production Centre, and information will also be available on the new digital services and attractive products that characterise the DLG's "Sustainable Agriculture" certification programme. On the DLG stage, industry experts will discuss current challenges in agricultural engineering. The exhibition offering is completed by the DLG Academy's extensive training programme, new publications and titles from the DLG's publishing house, as well as networking opportunities for DLG members, the Young DLG and experts from both inside and outside Germany.

International Visitors' Lounge in Hall 21

The central meeting point for visitors from all over the world at Agritechnica 2019 will be the International Visitors' Lounge. Located in Hall 21, close to the DLG stand, the International Visitors' Lounge provides facilities for visitors to meet business partners, hold expert discussions, plan their exhibition tour or simply relax between exploring the halls at Hanover Exhibition Grounds. In addition, staff from the DLG's international subsidiaries will be available to inform visitors about special offers and the worldwide trade fairs organised by the DLG Group.

New app to help visitors plan for Agritechnica 2019

Visitors to Agritechnica in November will have a new tool at their disposal to help optimise their time at Hanover's Exhibition Grounds. The Agritechnica app, an interactive guide to the world's leading farm machinery trade fair, will allow them to easily and professionally prepare their visit between November 10th and 16th this year. This functional and user-friendly app, which is available for both iOS and Android, and is available in the respective app stores, will not only assist visitors in advance of arriving at Agritechnica 2019, but will also support them once they arrive at the exhibition grounds.

The app is split into three main sections – Exhibitors, Products and Information – putting everything visitors need to know about the event at their fingertips. It is possible to search alphabetically for exhibitors, or to find relevant suppliers at Agritechnica 2019 on the basis of product categories. An extensive event overview allows visitors to sort the extensive technical programme according to presentation topics or days.

Agritechnica 2019 takes place at Hanover's Exhibition Grounds from the 10th to 16th November (with special preview days on 10th and 11th November). More than 2,750 exhibitors from all over the world have registered to take part. More information for international visitors considering a visit to can be found online at: www.agritechnica.com

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