Enovitis in campo back in June, the best of vineyard technology tested

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19-20 June 2014, Farm Cattolica Agricola Ca' Tron Milan, April 2014 – The organisation of the 9th edition ENOVITIS IN CAMPO – Machinery Vineyard Trials - to be held on 19-20 June at the Cattolica Agricola - Ca' Tron vineyards in Roncade (TV) is in full swing. A unique exhibition: in addition to showing the latest machinery, it actually tests the machinery directly in the vineyard.

This year's Enovitis in Campo is the first event from the partnership recently signed between UIV – Unione Italiana Vini and Fieragricola, which aims to develop, under the Enovitis brand, several initiatives in support of Italian and European viticulture. For the first time the event, which is by its nature itinerant, will return to a previous location (2010). The decision to return to Ca ´Tron was made based on the characteristics of the company's vineyards, where the field tests will be staged, together with the company's ability to host the main event and the side events as well as to comfortably accommodate visitors and exhibitors.


The company is also strategically located: it is close to some important foreign markets (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia), and at the same time is the heart of our Northeast, where wine is a primary business. It is the territory of Prosecco, which has proven a true phenomenon in recent years. During the first day of ENOVITIS IN CAMPO, there will be a conference on "Prosecco DOC and DOCG Prosecco Superiore: territory becomes style." Producers and institutions will be discussing issues, opportunities, legislation and policies about a wine that has transcended its identity as a product to become an international consumer style under the Made in Italy brand.


Focus of the event: technology exhibited and tested

In a very original way compared to a traditional exhibition, ENOVITIS IN CAMPO allows visitors to see the best of vineyard equipment and machinery actually at work in the field, thereby enabling them to personally assess the effectiveness and functionality for their business. Vineyard tractors, spraying machines, both traditional and with panel recovery (some presented for the first time at ENOVITIS IN CAMPO), harrows, cutters, diggers and hoes, pruning machines; these and many other machines will be exhibited and tested in the Ca ´Tron vineyards.


Innovation will be featured throughout ENOVITIS IN CAMPO and the best will be awarded a prize in the Innovation Challenge.  This competition is designed to give recognition to the most advanced ideas judged by a Technical Scientific Committee set up for the occasion. In the other competition, "Vote the Tractor", the audience present will be choosing the 2014 Enovitis in Campo Tractor from the various models on trial.

ENOVITIS IN CAMPO is for people in the industry and professionals in the wine sector who can evaluate machinery, systems and products by seeing them directly at work, but also keep up to date with the industry by participating in the various events on the programme. The next edition will also be holding side events for a wider audience.

ENOVITIS JUNIOR will be a space designed especially for children accompanying their parents to the exhibition. They, like the adults, will be able to drive tractors suitable for them, with pedals, totally safe.


During the two days of ENOVITIS IN CAMPO, there will be guided tours to some of the best sprayers. Two sessions planned: the first for the vine growers, contractors and technicians on Thursday, 19 June and the second for students on 20 June, again at 10. Professor Paolo Balsari from the University of Turin will be leading both groups. He will be illustrating all the technical characteristics of the machinery, with specific reference to their advantages in terms of sustainability and efficiency directly in the Ca' Tron vineyards.


Although the event is aimed at the future of viticulture and its main feature is the most advanced technology, there is still room for an interesting overview of the past: together with GAMAE (Group for Vintage Farm Machinery Lovers), there will be an exhibition of fascinating antique tractors.


Unione Italiana Vini will also be bringing the TERGEO project to Ca' Tron. In an area set aside for them, business partners will be able to illustrate their progression towards sustainability of the supply chain, from defence to nutrition, from the use of resistant varieties to innovative wine protocols.


The dates for ENOVITIS IN CAMPO are Thursday, 19 June from 9:00 to 18:00 and Friday, 20 June from 9:00 to 15:00. Admission is free and open to all.


To keep up-to-date with our events, dates and exhibitors, please consult www.enovitisincampo.it.


source: UNIONE ITALIANA VINI Press Office

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