Címke: fertiliser spreader

Worldwide News 2021.03.11.

Increase the efficiency of your organic fertilisers!

Previously considered a common waste, slurry has gradually acquired the status of brown gold among farmers. And with good reason: it is a rich and abundant natural resource, with an incredible fertilising potential allowing to increase the yield of meadows and crops at a limited cost. Its spreading, however, requires the use of a suitable equipment that can preserve the natural properties of slurry (organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, lye, magnesium, etc.) to the maximum while distributing them evenly. Among the existing solutions, several succeed in combining efficiency, profitability and ecology. A brief overview...

Worldwide News 2018.07.05.

JOSKIN Penditwist Basic & Pendislide Basic

Very enthusiast about innovations, the JOSKIN brand extends its range of rear implements with 2 new models: the Penditwist Basic, a line spreading boom to fertilize arable lands, and the Pendislide Basic, a line spreading boom with skids to fertilize meadows. Characterized by a very easy assembly and a perfect autonomy, these novelties are aimed for small tankers in order to provide farmers with the same spreading quality as with a contractor’s machine.