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Worldwide News 2022.11.11.

Value of agricultural output in the EU up 8% in 2021

In 2021, agricultural output in the EU was valued at €449.5 billion (bn) in basic prices, representing an increase of 8% compared with 2020. This change stemmed from an increase in the price for agricultural goods and services as a whole (an estimated +7.5%), with volume of output remaining little changed from 2020 (an estimated +0.8%).

Worldwide News 2022.11.11.

Joint Declaration – 1 billion euro mobilised for Solidarity Lanes to increase global food security and provide a lifeline for Ukraine's economy

As part of the European Union's response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the European Commission and bordering EU Member States established on 12 May 2022 the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes. The Solidarity Lanes are essential corridors for Ukraine's agricultural exports, as well as the export and import of other goods.

Worldwide News 2022.11.09.

Food security: the Commission addresses the availability and affordability of fertilisers in the EU and globally

Fertilisers play a significant role for food security. Their production and their cost largely depend on natural gas. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a global mineral fertiliser and energy crisis is now weighing on global food security and food prices. In this context, the European Commission presented today a Communication on ensuring availability and affordability of fertilisers.

Worldwide News 2022.10.30.

EU boosts its exports of cereals

Both EU agri-food exports and imports slowed down very slightly in value terms in July 2022, according to the latest monthly agri-food trade report published today by the European Commission. While the value of EU exports decreased by 2% compared to June and now stand at €19.2 billion, they still remain significantly higher than last year. EU imports also decreased by 2% in the same period, reaching €14.3 billion in July 2022. The EU trade balance is stable at €4.9 billion.

Worldwide News 2022.10.30.

Food waste: 127 kg per inhabitant in the EU in 2020

In 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, around 127 kilogrammes (kg) of food per inhabitant were wasted in the EU. Households generated 55% of food waste, accounting for 70 kg per inhabitant. The remaining 45% was waste generated upwards in the food supply chain. 

Worldwide News 2022.10.26.

Main results - Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 17-18 October 2022

Meeting in Luxembourg on 17 October, EU Agriculture Ministers reached a political agreement on 2023 catch limits in the Baltic Sea. Ministers also discussed the current situation of agricultural markets in light of the Russian war against Ukraine, and provided guidance to the Commission on trade-related agricultural issues. Ministers additionally provided guidance on the EU’s position ahead of the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).

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