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Worldwide News 2020.07.10.

Agri-food trade strong and stable in the first months of 2020

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak in the opening months of 2020, the EU’s agri-food trade remained strong. The value of agri-food exports from the EU totaled €46.8 billion between January and March (a jump of 6.2% compared to the first quarter of 2019), while the value of imports rose to €31.8 billion (an increase of 2.6%). The trade surplus of €14.9 billion represented a 15% growth from the previous year, as set out in the monthly trade report for January-March 2020, published today by the European Commission.

Worldwide News 2020.07.10.

Short-term outlook: Good production prospects for many agricultural sectors, overall sector should benefit from reopening of foodservice

Many uncertainties remain around the scale of the impact of the coronavirus crisis and the economic recovery. Nonetheless the food supply chain has proven resilient throughout the crisis. With lockdown measures being progressively lifted all over Europe, demand in particular for restaurants, bars and cafés should pick up, although not back to 2019 levels in the short run due to reduced households’ purchasing power. Prices are also picking up as a consequence.

Worldwide News 2020.07.10.

Commission publishes EU feed protein balance sheet for 2019/20

For marketing year 2019/20, feed demand is forecasted to increase by 2 million tonnes of crude proteins, compared to 2018/19, and reach 84 million tonnes. Thanks to higher availability of roughage, EU self-sufficiency has improved and reached 78% for 2019/20. Still, lower availabilities of EU rapeseed (meals) put pressure on the EU self-sufficiency. These are among the key findings of the ‘EU feed protein balance sheet’ for 2019/20, published today by the European Commission.

Worldwide News 2020.06.11.

Needs of farmers and agri-food companies are significant, also in light of the COVID-19 crisis, and EAFRD funded financial instruments have a role to play in bridging these gaps

Based on the feedback of 7,600 farmers and 2,200 agri-food companies across the EU, 24 country-specific fi-compass reports present the main challenges faced by these two groups when it comes to access to finance. The reports also estimate the financing gap for agriculture in the EU between €19.8 and €46.6 billion, while for the agri-food sector the estimated gap is more than €12.8 billion. These financial needs are likely to be exacerbated by the current crisis.

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