SIMEI 2017: Italian excellence technology and creativity amaze the new markets

Closing of the successful 27th edition of the world’s leading trade fair of technology for winemaking and bottling


For the first time, the event, organised since 1963 by the Unione Italiana Vini, took place in Germany, together with drinktec, the leading trade fair of liquid food and beverages. An important synergy shown by the figures: drinktec recorded a 15% increase in visitors compared to the last edition thanks to the presence of SIMEI and, in all, visitors to the two trade fairs exceeded 75,000.


Abbona (UIV chairman): “Challenge won, new prospects for our companies”

“the consensus was unanimous for most of the exhibitors: despite the fact that the harvest did not favour the participation of some countries in the northern hemisphere, above all, Europe and North America, we did, however, manage to draw a new audience from the southern hemisphere and from the East that has opened up new business opportunities. A positive outcome that we will certainly improve on in the next editions of SIMEI, finding the best times and ways to lead to a complete and transversal presence from all over the world. I should like to say a special thank you to all the exhibitors present, who believed in the event and with whom we would like to build the success of its future. My gratitude to Munich exhibition centre for their support and the joint intention to continue on this shared path together, reinforcing a very strategic synergy that I sincerely hope will become consolidated over the coming years to the benefit of the entire sector.”

“This is a new experience, certainly a positive one -  Cristina Bertolaso, owner of the company by the same name and Chair of the permanent board of SIMEI commented - The great Italian technical expertise, our ability to innovate and to communicate with customers, has been widely acknowledged and we are now ready to conquer new markets. SIMEI in Munich was a winning choice because it has drawn many potential customers, especially from the southern hemisphere. We fully committed to this project, aware that since it was harvest time in Italy and other European and American countries, there would be people absent, but we strongly believe in the internationalisation that this synergy can offer”.

"The impression of the exhibitors is for the most part very good - Marzio Dal Cin, Chairman of Anformape - National Association of Machinery Suppliers and Products for Winemaking – added. The presence of many foreigners is a very positive aspect and the reason why companies have decided to believe and invest in this project. This has partly compensated for the limited presence of European and North American producers because of the harvest, as we expected. The plant manufacturers are very pleased, as are those who are extending their target to the beverage sector as well, because they have been able to meet a wide, diverse audience. For the next editions, it will be essential to reconcile the needs of all producers around the world to achieve a truly 'global' presence.”

[email protected] drew 200 exhibitors of technology for the winemaking sector worldwide, including 157 Italians, and 200 delegates from all over the world. In addition to Brazil, China, Chile, South Africa and many other countries, for the first time companies took part from Mexico, Ecuador and Ukraine too, which had the chance to see and test Italian technology – from antibacterial stoppers to last generation presses, from cutting edge bottling lines to anti-counterfeiting stoppers – through guided visits and company presentations organised specifically. Success too for the wine and wine and food product tasting sessions organised by the UIV at the Sensory Bar set up in the SIMEI halls.

Once again, at this edition training was essential: over 20 events, among conferences and technical workshops, were attended by important national and international institutions, including the CEEV (Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins), CERVIM (Centre of Research, Study and Promotion for vine-growing in Mountain regions), the SSV (Experimental Station for Glass), the European Confederation of Cork, Spirits Valley and important institutional personalities such as Joao Onofre of the European Commission (Head of Wine Unit DG Agriculture and Rural Development), Pau Roca, General Secretary of the FEV (Federación Española del Vino), Monika Christmann, President of the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin), Felice Assenza - Director General of International Policies at the Ministry of Agriculture, Paolo De Castro - Vice-President of the Agriculture Committee, Jean-Marie Barillere - Chairman of the CEEV and Federico Terenzi – Chairman of Agivi (Young Italian Wine Entrepreneurs Association).

So, the end of SIMEI, the international showcase of technology excellence for winemaking and bottling, a sector that moves a turnover of over 3 billion euro in Italy, with 70% from exports. The next edition will be in 2019 when the fair will be returning to Italy for the 28th edition.