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Törökszentmiklós / Samswegen, August 2015. With its new MAXFLEX, VARIO and CERIO attachments, CLAAS has now made its cutterbar innovations from the LEXION power category accessible to medium-sized and small farms as well. For cutterbars with working widths of 10.50 m and 12.30 m CLAAS has also introduced a 2-axle transport trolley with steered rear axle.

Last year, CLAAS introduced two new generation cutterbars featuring interesting technical innovations. These were the VARIO 930 / 770 and CERIO 930 / 770 models, which were initially available for the LEXION and TUCANO combine harvester ranges in working widths of 9.30 m and 7.70 m. Their most important features include the 700 mm variable cutterbar table length, more convenient switching from grain to rapeseed threshing, a larger intake auger and improved visibility of the cutterbar table from within the cab. CLAAS is now also offering these advantages to medium and small-sized farms and farm contractors with the introduction of the new VARIO and CERIO models with working widths of less than 7.7 m for the LEXION, TUCANO and AVERO.


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Four new VARIO cutterbars

With a cutterbar table that is steplessly adjustable between -10 cm and +60 cm as well as integrated rapeseed plates, the VARIO cutterbars allow convenient switching from grain to rapeseed in just a few minutes. The crop dividers and rapeseed cutting knives can be attached and detached without the use of tools thanks to the quick-release couplings. Fitting the rapeseed cutting knives automatically activates the hydraulic pump that drives the lateral knives. The table and reel end positions are transmitted automatically from the cutterbar to the combine harvester. Even with rapeseed equipment installed, the table can still be adjusted through 15 cm in order to adapt to the harvesting conditions. The cutterbar table is operated quickly, easily and directly using the control lever in the cab. This allows the driver to respond quickly to the crop conditions at any time. With its four new VARIO 680 / 620 / 560 / 500 cutterbars, CLAAS has now made these advantages accessible to the LEXION 600, TUCANO 500, 400, 300 and AVERO 240 and 160 power categories.


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Three new CERIO cutterbars

CLAAS is now also offering three new standard cutterbars for the LEXION, TUCANO and AVERO combine harvesters: the CERIO 680 / 620 / 560. The entire frame, the intake auger, the drive systems and reels of the CERIO cutterbars are identical to those used on the VARIO model series. The CERIO cutterbars also feature the automatic reel park position and the option of adjusting the table length. The latter can be adjusted manually on the cutterbar to five positions ranging between -10 cm and

+ 10 cm. This means that a CERIO cutterbar can also be adjusted to the respective harvesting conditions. After all, the optimisation of combine harvesting performance starts at the cutterbar. Ensuring that the feed is uniform can improve performance by up to 10 %.


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Four new MAXFLEX cutterbars

A perfect harvest begins with a perfect cut. This is especially true for pulses like soya beans, peas and lentils whose pods grow almost directly on the ground. In order to eliminate losses during harvesting, the crops must be cut as low to the ground as possible. Thanks to its flexibly guided finger bar, the MAXFLEX cutterbar from CLAAS automatically adjusts to even the smallest irregularities in the ground and thus prevents the soil from being pushed up and soiling the knives. Previously, the MAXFLEX was only available for the LEXION in working widths of 12.00 m and 10.50 m. With the four new MAXFLEX 930 / 770 / 620 / 560 cutterbars, CLAAS is now also introducing a finger bar with up to 180 millimetres of flexibility for working widths of between 9.30 m and 5.60 m. In conjunction with the cutting angle adjustment on the feeder housing, take-up losses can be prevented across the entire working width even under difficult harvesting conditions. The crop dividers also move and can follow the contour of the land. During operation, the skids under the cutterbar remain in constant contact with the ground. Their round shape ensures optimal contact at every cutting angle. The MAXFLEX is not only flexible but also versatile. For use in grain, the cutterbar table can be locked mechanically or, as an alternative, hydraulically. Furthermore, sensing bars are installed underneath the cutterbar for automatic adjustment of the cutting height. The MAXFLEX is then ready for use in grain harvesting and can be used just like a conventional CERIO standard cutterbar.


The new CLAAS cutterbars are developed in Harsewinkel and produced in Törökszentmiklós, Hungary.


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New 2-axle transport trolley with steered rear axle

During grain harvesting, there is no time to lose when moving from the field to the road and from crop to crop. Large cutterbars have to be able to be transported safely on the road, manoeuvred in tight spaces and loaded and unloaded easily. CLAAS has therefore introduced a new 2-axle transport trolley with 4-wheel steering for cutterbars of 10.50 m and 12.30 m working widths, which is characterised in particular by its improved towing characteristics and handling on corners. The front axle is a swing axle and can thus adjust to uneven ground. Special attachments can be installed to allow SUNSPEED, CONSPEED and CONSPEED LINEAR implements to also be transported with ease. The same applies to cutterbars with rapeseed knives. The rapeseed knives can be stowed in the transport box on the cutterbar trolley and are thus always close at hand. The new transport trolley is optionally available in a 25 km/h or 40 km/h version, braked or unbraked and with short or long drawbar. Other optional extras include spare tyres, a rotating beacon, LED lighting and end-outline marker lights.


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