BvL wins Innovation Award presented by the DLG

BvL's homogeneity measurement system V-READY to Feed has been distinguished by the DLG with their Innovation Award


Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) in Emsbüren strives to support dairy farmers in their efforts to produce a feed mix of consistent quality – day in and day out. To assist them in this endeavor, BvL has created the homogeneity measurement system.

The ground-breaking sensor system V-READY to Feed Optical Mix Control allows the farmer to monitor the progress of the mixing process. The system tracks the feed's degree of mixing. Mixing times of excessive or insufficient duration are now a thing of the past. Dairy farmers will no longer rate the quality of their mixtures solely based on experience and subjective assessments. The system clearly indicates when a mixture is homogeneous and ready to be fed to the animals.

"V-READY to Feed helps farmers optimize their feeding process every day. Since the feeding process is now repeatable, the farmers are in a position to feed the same homogeneous mixtures every time. The new system also helps cut down diesel costs as the mixing process will end at the proper time. This leaves the fodder structure intact and enhances the quality of the feed. Better still, the mixer wagon is protected against premature wear that may be brought about by excessive mixing times", explains Bernard van Lengerich, Managing Director of BvL.

V-READY to Feed uses an optical sensor on the mixer wagon to constantly monitor the mixing process and the degree of mixing. The system will continue to deem the mixing process as incomplete for as long as the structure of the fodder keeps changing. Once the structure stops changing and remains constant for a certain period, the mixture is complete, which will be indicated accordingly to the driver. A special camera combined with special software is capable of detecting even the most minuscule fodder components. The indicator used to signal completion is a simple traffic light system that tells the feeder when the mixing process is finished. BvL expects to roll out the V-READY to Feed homogeneity measurement sys-tem by the middle of next year. Initially, the system is slated to be combined with new BvL mixer wagons. BvL is currently reviewing options to also offer the new system as an add-on kit. The feasibility of such an offering will also depend on initial user experience.

For the first time this year DLG is presenting their award under the new name Innovation Award and places even greater emphasis on the impact innova-tion has in the global marketplace. "The award is a major endorsement of our work. The drive behind our innovations is to further reduce the farmers' work-load and streamline their work flows. Winning this award fills us with tremendous pride", Mr. van Lengerich continues to explain. The determining factors for the jury to pick a company as the winner of their award are the quality of the company's products and their prowess as innovators. This year, the DLG received 251 registrations from 167 companies operating in 21 different countries.