As absolute novelty: AGRIFORCE BK T71, BKT’s first rubber track for agriculture comes into being


BKT enters a new market segment extending its product range that starting from today also includes rubber tracks. AGRIFORCE BK T71 hence inaugurates a new BKT era.


Unstoppable on any terrain - this is how BKT and its strategic choice of entering a new market segment could be summed up. Today, the company launches an absolute novelty: AGRIFORCE BK T71, the first of a brand-new series of BKT rubber tracks for the farming sector and, in this case, particularly for high-power tractors employed in soil tillage and row crop applications.

BKT is aware that under some circumstances depending on usage and goals, tracks can be more functional compared to tires. This is why the company has decided to further extend its already large product range by adding a new product category.

The overall advantage of rubber tracks enhanced productivity and performance, since track-driven tractors can run at higher speeds in the fields at the same power and show increased fuel efficiency.

Many are the distinctive features of this rubber track displayed at the BKT stand at SIMA, Hall 06 H028 making it a product that is truly original and one of its kind. First of all, the tread of AGRIFORCE BK T71 is made of a high-performance compound that offers the advantage of extraordinary resistance against cuts, tear and wear. The optimized tread pattern provides excellent traction and ride comfort, whilst the drive lugs of the positive drive system have an optimized shape to ensure extraordinary flexibility. In addition, the track carcass has been reinforced with four layers of high-tensile steel cords. Thanks to these features, AGRIFORCE BK T71 offers the perfect balance between high dimensional stability and flexibility to ensure extraordinary durability.




The new product AGRIFORCE BK T71 is today launched on the market in size 18" x 6" x 44. Additional four size versions are already under development.

Like all BKT products, this novelty stem from the dialog with users, their feedback and needs, but it is also a result of BKT’s strong commitment to develop an extraordinarily rich and specialized product portfolio for any requirements.

For this reason, the company has invested into the setup of a new specific track manufacturing plan on the Bhuj production site in India.

AGRIFORCE BK T71 is indeed the first of a long series of tracks already scheduled in BKT’s development plan. The company is working on the upcoming release of new rubber tracks not only for agriculture but also the construction sector.

BKT @ SIMA 2022 - Hall 06 H028