Krone with modern new ISOBUS user interface

Agro Napló
With a new ISOBUS user interface and thanks to innovative visualisation and an excellent overview of control elements, Krone is ensuring even more comfort for machine operation.

The machines are now dynamically represented on the terminal by means of animations and 3D graphics. This allows the driver to follow the current work processes of the machine in detail at any time with the set values. The machine functions are shown in the upper status bar. The driver can use the tabs arranged under the status bar to access the various machine functions, their settings and the customer counter. The freely configurable multi-function bar located at the bottom of the user interface has proven to be especially practical in this context. The most important functions of the machines, such as the rotor height and lifting delay for the rotary rake, can be placed here and adjusted to suit the driver's needs by entering values.

Uniform icons and tabs help the driver feel at home across different products, directly on each KRONE machine. In addition to this intuitive way of presenting information, this modern user interface now features even better visibility with day and night mode to adapt to different light conditions.

The new ISOBUS user interface is being introduced with a new, more powerful job computer. The modern ISOBUS user interface will initially be available for the Swadro TC 2000 rotary rake. Within the next two years, all the other new Krone ISOBUS machines are scheduled to be equipped with the new user interface.


New ISOBUS user interface on the KRONE Swadro TC 2000. (Photo: Krone)

New ISOBUS user interface on the KRONE Swadro TC 2000. (Photo: Krone)

Címlapkép: Getty Images
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