EVO Cleaner is a unique and patented washing robot developed for pig barns

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Fully automated, fully programmable and with the highest degree of mobility on the market, EVO Cleaner is manufactured by Envirologic AB from Sweden.

This unique robot streamlines and enables automatic washing around the clock. With easy joystick learning you teach the robot the optimal washing routine, completely designed according to your specific barn interior and washing needs.

The teach-ins only need to be done once and is stored both locally and in the cloud. The washing routines can easily be modified to match the conditions in each individual pen. This possibility to focus the washing where it is needed makes the EVO Cleaner a both time-, cost- and water-efficient option. EVO Cleaner can work 24/7 and will send you a text message when finished.

The pig's welfare is key to a profitable production.

  • By using EVO Cleaner washing robot the risk of infectious spreading, potentially brought by external washing companies is reduced. It also ensures a clean and healthy environment for the next group of pigs.

Washing pig barns is unhealthy and extremely wearing on the body.

  • Letting an EVO Cleaner washing robot do the work leads to better staff health, leading to a number of positive effects in the long run, e.g. reduced staff turnover and more time for supervising the pigs.

The economic benefits permeate the entire production.

  • A healthy and prosperous staff produces healthy and prosperous pigs, ultimately leading to improved production results. With reduced staff turnover, low water consumption and reduced costs for manual washing, the EVO Cleaner washing robot will quickly become a good financial investment.

For detailed offers (technical and financial details) please contact us at:

  • info@flextimindustry.com
  • +36 70 60 60 121

Find more about us on www.flextimindustry.com

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