1390 – Next Generation.

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The Weidemann 13-series has successfully been on the market for many years in the agriculture and equine industry, municipalities, and trade and industry.

The models have been completed redesigned, which led to more configuration possibilities for the 1380 model. Now the successful model has been relaunched and fundamentally revised as a result of the engine change. The new 1390 offers customers many new features and options for tailoring their own machine to suit their own working requirements.

The 1390's new features at a glance:

  • The 1390 is available with three state-of-the-art engines by Yanmar. The entry-level engine is 18.4 kW/25 HP and the larger version is 33.3 kW/45.3 HP. Furthermore, there is another engine with the performance stats: 40.1 kW/54.5 HP.
  • Both of the larger engines are equipped with an exhaust emission treatment with DPF and DOC (automatic regeneration). Even without the exhaust emission treatment, the 25 HP engine fulfils the exhaust emission stage V and as a result, presents an economical and simple entry-level version.
  • Weidemann's brand-new development of an electronically regulated ecDrive (Electronic Controlled Drive) enables the machine's overall performance to be increased, even in lower HP categories.
  • Four different operator modes have been implemented especially for the ecDrive: the Auto Mode (100% performance), Eco Mode (reduced rpm for economical and low-noise operation), as well as a choice between two other available modes for the application of hydraulically operated attachments and optimised execution of Y-load cycles.
  • An electric handbrake (multi-disc brake) with auto-hill-hold function ensures complete safety and comfort for stop-and-go operation.
  • The 1390 is available with the optional overhead guard, foldable overhead guard (eps - Easy Protection System) and cabin. LED headlights as standard.
  • The 1390's interior has been entirely redesigned and has, among other things, a colour-oriented operating concept, as well as a new multifunctional joystick.

  • A clear display is also new and within the operator's field of vision, as is the diagnostics and analysis system wedias, with which many operational functions can be both quickly and clearly carried out. Good service accessibility for the relevant components. Increased application low-wear metal conduits.
  • Needs-based loader unit selectable: P-kinematics, P-kinematics with long load swing arm, as well as a P-Z-kinematics with increased lift and shearing forces.
  • Three axles selectable: T94 medium pressure axle without differential lock. Two P 940 axles with pushing power increase to 22.7 or 26.4 kN incl. differential lock.
  • Facilitated coupling of attachments through optimal pressure release of the 3rd control circuit to the front load swing arm and use of flat-face hydraulic couplings as standard.
  • The good clarity already available on the current models has been improved even more. Thus, for example, the field of view in the roof both in the operator's canopy and the cabin has been increased upwards.
  • Very spacious cabin in this class size. Very good view to the rear through the panoramic rear windscreen, moved cabin pillar and oblique engine bonnet. Coming-Home function.
  • The installation of a new, even more efficient working heating and ventilation system with fans, fresh air inlet and well-placed air nozzles ensure an improved working climate. Air-conditioning available as an optional extra.
  • The complete redesign of the 1390 is rounded off with a face-lift with dynamically marked alignment to the engine bonnet and the cabin.
Címlapkép: Getty Images
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