Launch of NewAg XL MLT 841 / 1041 telehandlers

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Solutions for intensive applications Optimal comfort, high performance and increased profitability A new high quality "PLATINUM" finish

Manitou Group, a worldwide reference in handling, access platforms and earthmoving, launches the new NewAg XL range with two new agricultural telehandler models dedicated to intensive applications. Based on the success of the NewAg range, these two models offer the user a very competitive total cost of ownership (TCO). 

To extend its offering of NewAg agricultural telehandlers, Manitou Group launches the new NewAg XL range with two new models, the MLT 841 and MLT 1041 with a capacity of more than 4.1 t for a lifting height of 7.60 to 9.65 m. Dedicated to intensive applications with usage of more than 1,300 hours per year, these two machines are aimed primarily at large farms (polyculture, cereal crops, biogas), agricultural contractors, cooperatives and agri-businesses. Sharing the same DNA as the existing NewAg models, the NewAg XL range is designed to offer even more comfort, performance and profitability.

A very high level of comfort

To reduce the noise and vibration levels experienced during intensive operations, the MLT 841 / 1041 machines are equipped with one of the quietest cabins on the market. Comparable to those of high range tractors, this cabin reduces these levels to just 69 dBA. Arnaud Sochas, telehandler products range manager for the Group, explains: "Our aim first and foremost is to safeguard the health of our users, while at the same time providing them with powerful, profitable machines. Thanks to excellent soundproofing, farmers can work for long hours without experiencing fatigue linked to the noise of their machine, and so remain focused on their activity. The Group goes even further by offering the option of a pneumatic seat with intelligent suspension, which adapts automatically to any surface (road, field or track), reducing vibrations by more than 50% and offering optimal protection for the operator's back. 

To maintain design consistency, the monobloc windshield is covered by a roof grille with tilted blades like the NewAg models, providing excellent visibility throughout the load lifting operation. Among other innovations, LED lighting is activated automatically every time the door is opened to light up the Easy-step, ensuring safe and easy access to the driver's cabin both day and night. Plenty of storage space inside the cabin adds to the comfort offered by this new NewAg XL range.

Outstanding performance

To ensure a high level of performance when used intensively, Manitou Group decided to fit these models with a new stage V 141 hp engine, delivering 12% of additional torque while reducing fuel consumption by 11% compared to previous models. This torque gain helps to improve the towing and loading performance even more. With torque converter transmission with automatic Powershift gearbox and hydraulic flow of 200 l/min, the benefits offered by these models assure farmers of optimal productivity. To ensure an uninterrupted, intensive day's work, the tank capacity has been increased by 13%. Numerous options have been added to the array of equipment: the High View camera, which allows the operator to view the inside of the trailer when loading and the Active CRC boom suspension, which reduces jolting when driving with a load. Also included are Manitou innovations such as the Comfort Steering System with variable assist steering, which reduces the number of steering wheel turns by 40%, the Intelligent Hydraulics package (bucket shaker, return to load position and combined telescopic boom movements). A whole range of innovations to benefit the user.

A reduced TCO for better profitability

The NewAg XL offers a very competitive TCO. Numerous developments promote easier maintenance. Access to the components is easier: two-part opening of the cover, centralized greasing points, rapid-opening cleaning hatch in front of the radiator. To reduce maintenance costs, the self-cleaning air pre-filter is now integrated above the engine compartment and the hydraulic oil maintenance intervals are set at 2,000 hours. This NewAg XL range is also connected as standard like all models offered by the Group. This connectivity is particularly beneficial for users: real-time monitoring of the location of their machine, its fuel consumption, and notifications shared with their dealer to anticipate their maintenance requirements. To increase the reduction in TCO, options such as Ecostop (configurable automatic engine stop) and the automatic greasing system are also available.

A new level of finish, PLATINUM*, superior to the Classic, Premium and Elite levels, is now offered to customers with high requirements for comfort, performance and profitability. This finish includes all the options mentioned: 

  • Pneumatic seat with adaptive suspension
  • Hydraulic attachment locking
  • LED work lights on the boom head
  • LED front main beam headlights
  • HighView Camera
  • Comfort Steering System (CSS)
  • Ecostop
  • Automatic greasing system

Presented by the Group for the first time, the full list of options included in the "PLATINUM" finish level is available on the website

Thanks to the numerous innovations incorporated in the NewAg XL range, the TCO of the MLT 841 and 1041 models is among the lowest on the market, with a saving of €600/year** compared to previous models, while offering an optimal level of comfort, performance and profitability. This new range will be distributed in the entire Manitou global distribution network during the first quarter of 2021.  

Lifting capacity

Max. lifting height

In-cabin noise level***

Maximum torque 

Maximum outreach 

MLT 841 

4.1 t 

7.60 m

69 dBA

602 Nm 

4.45 m

MLT 1041

4.1 t 

9.65 m 

69 dBA

602 Nm 

6.50 m

*The "Platinum" finish is available only on MLT NewAg XL 841/1041 models.

** Calculation based on 1000 hr/yr of operation, in accordance with standard EN 16796-4. Comparison tests carried out on stage V vs stage IV engines.

*** Measured in accordance with standard NF EN 12053

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