WEDA's climate control system Veco.Mate – the computer for a better climate in the barn

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WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, the Lower Saxony specialist for pig farming, barn equipment, feeding and air-conditioning technology, have exclusively taken over the product range for air-conditioning control of the Alcona company. Thus, WEDA have completed their product range and now, with their product series Veco.Mate, are offering a new technology for optimising the climate in livestock houses.

In addition to the climate computer, all products of the series – such as the frequency controller, control devices, alarm systems and power supply units for the operation of flaps and drives in the barn – are functionally coordinated. The control is carried out via a touch screen with an intuitive mask or by remote control. The Veco.Mate climate controller also offers a wide range of connection options for reading in data from sensors, probes and measuring fans as well as for setting and controlling dampers, fans, heaters or supply air valves.

For improved operation, the units can be networked with each other via a CAN bus. In this way, information and settings regarding air rates, alarms, fan speeds or the current outside temperatures can be exchanged, coordinated and centrally adjusted. The display masks of the various participants connected via CAN bus are displayed in a uniform way.

The Veco.Mate climate controller is designed for up to four compartments. Integrated control algorithms ensure an optimised climate in the barn and thus ultimately a stress-free, healthy rearing of the animals. An integrated data memory stores all measured values for twelve months, also for official verification.

The complete Veco.Mate product range can also be controlled by remote control – via PC or via the usual smartphones. The display on the terminal devices is then analogous to the menu structure of the masks on the device.

With the Veco.Mate Single CAN, remote control of just one compartment is also possible. It benefits from the functions of its big brother Veco.Mate. Many functions such as operating modes, growth curve, outdoor temperature compensation and automatic setback have been taken over here.

Thus, only the relevant, relevant parameters and information of one compartment are processed. This makes it possible, for example, to vary target temperatures or make adjustments if the compartment in question is to be cleaned.

Matching the Veco.Mate series, WEDA offer the power supply series Veco.Mate Power for the operation of actuators and dampers. In case of power failures, the output voltage is thus maintained so that the greatest possible air circulation is ensured in spite of an interrupted power supply.

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