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Kramer presents new products at Agritechnica 2019

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Kramer again presented new products and innovations this year at the world's largest agricultural technology exhibition “Agritechnica” in Hanover. For the first time, the company presented together with the strategic partner John Deere here.

In the early years of more than the 90-year company history, Kramer quickly made a name for itself as a manufacturer of tractors. To tie in with the initial success, since 2012 machines are once again being distributed to agriculture under the Kramer brand name via an own dealer network. In the last five years, the sales network has been constantly expanded nationally and internationally. The strategic alliance with John Deere in particular considerably expanded the dealer network in Europe.

This year's Agritechnica was as usual the most important industry platform for exchanging ideas with customers and interested parties and convincing them of the machines' performance efficiency and quality. “Once again, Agritechnica has proven that forward-looking topics and technologies are presented and discussed here. At Agritechnica 2019, Kramer once again set new standards through innovative machine concepts, digitisation projects and the latest drive technologies”, says Christian Stryffeler, managing director of Kramer-Werke GmbH.

New telescopic wheel loader KL55.8T has been presented

After the flagship from Kramer, the KL60.8, was introduced at EuroTier 2018, Kramer showed the corresponding telescopic wheel loader for agriculture for the first time. Kramer will offer the KL55.8T with telescopic loader unit and Z-kinematics in the 9 - 12 tonnes performance range. This expands the full quality wheel loader to include the advantages of a telehandler with the even further increased load-over height, stacking height, dumping height and reach. The telescopic wheel loader has a bucket tipping load of 5,500 kilogrammes, a stacking payload of 3,900 kilogrammes and an operating weight of 11,170 kilogrammes. The bucket pivot point when extended is over 5.4 metres. In addition to loading all agricultural machines and trailers, an important application area in particular is the loading of, for example, fodder mixing vehicles or biogas systems and stacking bales.

In addition to the KL60.8, there will be another wheel loader in this size class in the first half of 2020: the KL70.8. With a bucket tipping load of over 7,000 kilogrammes, the KL70.8 is once again expanding the performance portfolio upwards.

As with all models of the 8-series – Kramer's Premium range – all-wheel, crab and front wheel steering are available as standard. All machines impress with maximum stability, manoeuvrability and constant payload thanks to its time-tested and proven, undivided vehicle frame. The wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders are equipped with high-performance load-sensing hydraulics and the innovative ecospeedPRO (optional) drive. The KL60.8 and the KL55.8T are driven by a 100 kW Deutz TCD 3.6 engine of exhaust emission level V. The even more powerful Deutz TCD 4.1 engine with 115 kW is an option for these machines. It is installed as a standard in the KL70.8. This engine makes the wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders the most powerful, all-wheel steer machines in this size class. The exhaust aftertreatment occurs via DOC, DPF and SCR in both engines. Thanks to the time-tested and proven all-wheel steering and a steering lock of 2x40°, the machines are specialists for heavy loads, even in confined spaces. The turning radius of these machines is only 3.8 metres. “With this offer in the size class of over 9 tonnes operating weight, we can guarantee high material handling capacities and additional range with stability at the same time. This opens up a new customer segment for us and we are convinced the machines will be successful”, says Christian Stryffeler, machines of Kramer-Werke GmbH.


Telehandler models from Kramer starting Q2 / 2020 with level V

The Kramer telehandlers will also be equipped with level V engines due to the EU exhaust emission regulation. The entire model range (KT276, KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT457, KT507, KT557, KT429, KT559) will receive some new features at the same time, which mean increased comfort and an optimal driving experience for operators.

In addition to the level V engine, the compact telehandler KT276 will also be equipped with the automatic rpm reduction, called “Smart Driving”. With this system, when driving for longer periods of time, for example on the way to the field, the engine speed is automatically reduced to 2,000 rpm at 20 km/h or to 2,300 rpm at 30 km/h. This reduces the noise level for the operator, the fuel consumption and the wear.

The models KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT457 (successor KT447), KT507 and KT429 will still be equipped with the Deutz TCD 3.6 engine with level V and 100 kilowatt power, which fulfils the exhaust emission level V as soon as it is available. For this purpose, the exhaust aftertreatment with DOC and SCR will be supplemented with a DPF as a standard. The models with 5,500 kilogrammes payload, KT557 and KT559, will receive the Deutz TCD 4.1 engine with level V and 115 kilowatts as a standard. To achieve a lower noise level of the machine, the engine hood of the 5.5 tonne models is now equipped with an insulating mat.

For an optimal all-round visibility, the compact models from the KT306 to the KT407 are optionally available with a raised cabin. In addition, the exterior FOPS protective grating was optimised for the high cabin to ensure a better view upwards. The new protective grating is part of the standard equipment for the performance range from the KT457 to the KT559 with level V. To increase safety and comfort, the entry into the machine was improved, which was realised via a recess in the cabin floor. In addition to the aforementioned comfort features, the models starting with the KT306 payload and up can impress with a fourth steering mode, the “manual crab steering”. The wheel position of the rear tyres can be fixed here, but still manoeuvred with the front axle. This type of steering is very convenient in tight spaces or, for example, when driving along the silo wall. “Our telehandler series has been available in agriculture for about 2 years. During this period, we were able to collect a lot of customer opinions and have now implemented these with level V”, explains Christian Stryffeler. At Agritechnica, the models KT276, KT407 and KT457 will be on display.

Special model: Black Edition

As another highlight at the Kramer stand, a special edition of the currently largest Kramer telehandler KT559 (model year 2018) was exhibited. In addition to the custommade paint finish of the machine, there is a comfort equipment package at a promotional price.

The Kramer appearance was rounded out by other machines, such as the telescopic wheel loader KL30.8T and the e-wheel loader KL25.5e, which has now been time-tested and proven on the market for more than three years. “This year's Agritechnica was a special one for Kramer. After Kramer displayed three machines at the John Deere stand in 2017, we were now able to present our entire portfolio there and take advantage of the proximity to our dealers. This was a complete success”, adds Stryffeler.

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