New from Kramer: “Smart Attach” - the fully hydraulic quickhitch system

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Kramer-Werke GmbH unveils a new, fully-hydraulic quickhitch system. With this patented and sustainable enhancement, Kramer is ensuring that in future, spontaneous interruptions when changing attachments will no longer affect the scheduled work process - complete flexibility with continued maximum performance.

Kramer presents the innovative enhancement of its well-known quick change plate. The new, patented and fully-hydraulic quickhitch system “Smart Attach” will ensure greater productivity, efficiency and safety. Customer requirements have been a key focus here, resulting in the achievement of fundamental and sustainable benefits. Kramer's well-known quick change plate has been a standard piece of equipment for wheel loaders since 1963 and is still a fully effective system. Widespread approval continues to form the basis for further development, which has now resulted in the fully hydraulic quickhitch system, “Smart Attach”. The dimensions of both quickhitch systems are identical, so existing attachments can continue to be used.

Hydraulically driven attachments can be coupled with the new system without getting in and out of the vehicle, as connection with the hydraulic circuit is automatic. The attachment is locked and hydraulically coupled, with automatic pressure release, by a simple touch of a button with a secure two-hand operation. With the coupling unit's integrated locking display (green), the operator can always see that the attachment is attached to the machine successfully and securely. For all machines already fitted with the new quick change plate, the display also features a corresponding illuminated indicator. What makes the new and patented “Smart Attach” system so special, therefore, is its total flexibility. On the one hand, attachments without the hydraulic function and attachments with the conventional hydraulic coupling system can still be used. And on the other hand, customers also have the option of retrofitting older attachments or using new attachments that are customised ex-works to the “Smart Attach” quickhitch system, with the tried-and-trusted quick change plate. This flexible solution is unique on the market. The patented system with floating coupling storage also ensures that there is no wear on the quick coupler. The performance characteristics of machines used in combination with the new “Smart Attach” quickhitch system remain at the highest level. Consequently, not only does Kramer ensure that there is no need for constant interruption to the scheduled work process, they also score points with operators who are always able to make quick and safe use of the appropriate attachment for the relevant application, because time is money. Never has there been a truer saying in agriculture. The new fully hydraulic quickhitch system “Smart Attach” is a boon for the ubiquitous silage bucket not always achieving optimal results, enabling it to be re-coupled quickly and easily as required on a gentle bale spike. At the end of the day, this total compatibility with maximum performance ensures a targeted increase in efficiency.

Kramer also provides the EC declaration of conformity for the entire system, for both machines and attachments. Initially, the system will be offered as an option in the large 5-series as well as for some machines in Kramer's premium 8-series range. As well as the attachments already factory-fitted for these machines, corresponding retrofit kits will also be provided ex-works to enable existing attachments to be fitted with the system. With this innovative and sustainable enhancement - the fully hydraulic quickhitch system “Smart Attach” - Kramer continues to focus on flexibility, durability and quality.

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