bauma: Time for BKT to weight things up, since the future is already here

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While increasing every year, the OTR offer can only remain competitive through innovation and sustainable processes. Among current projects: the experimental research into new materials already existing in nature.

The bauma trade fair opens its doors every three years with a seemingly automatic reminder of how much we should consider the breakneck pace of changes in the marketplace, take full stock of the situation and analyse the future to always prepare new strategies.

This is the reason why bauma has become so important for all companies in the construction and earthmoving sectors, and BKT is no exception.

Only three years ago in Munich, BKT launched EARTHMAX SR 45 PLUS, the very first Giant tire (standing at 2.70 metres high), and, in doing so, made a powerful statement regarding the path the company intended to take for the future. Today the bar has literally risen as EARTHMAX SR 46 and its 3.07 m diameter has become the highlight at bauma 2019.

The Indian Group launched its first EARTHMAX model in 2008, a milestone in BKT's trajectory and fruit of continuously thinking big, tireless research and a strong desire for improvement resulting in new ideas and approaches for the market.

Even today, EARTHMAX is the symbol of a range of radial tires designed to promote better distribution of heavy loads on the ground, such as dumpers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, graders and some multi-purpose vehicles.

Eleven years have passed since then and BKT has come to a long - offroad - way. We have seen a dramatic increase in the OTR (and also industrial) range of products and can now talk about 314 different products for every machine, application, condition and terrain imaginable. BKT has strategically moved towards expanding its ranges and sizes, and also developing solutions to increase performance in terms of traction, durability, safety and comfort.

The keystone for this change also lies in BKT's commitment to Research, keeping its sights clearly set on the future and striving to ensure that all ideas and innovations become realities that are not only tangible but also sustainable.

In terms of sustainability and compared to bauma 2016, BKT has made a real leap forward and will continue investing. In the words of BKT Europe CEO Lucia Salmaso: “there's no secret here, we have an agreement with one of the main U.S. biotechnology companies and, within the context of this cooperation, new compounds will be developed on the basis of TKS RUBBER, which will gradually replace natural rubber.”

“We are also working on developing high-performance compounds with nanomaterials, which ensure improved thermal and mechanical stability. Some examples of this experimental research include graphene, nanoclays, nanocellulose and nanosilica.”

With a mindset of "weighing things up", i.e. looking at its past, BKT currently knows that the global construction and earthmoving sectors must be tackled with resolution and taken up as a genuine challenge. EARTHMAX itself was a challenge as a project that came to life in particularly critical years for the construction sector, which had been brought to its knees by the global real estate depression. Yet, despite the global depression pervading every market, BKT managed to establish its own niche where its experience and expertise could flourish, continue its growth and thus return to bauma 2019 in full strength.

The Indian Group is well aware that this market only permits progress by attention to technological innovation, increasingly personalised service and greater safety. For this reason, it does not neglect any of these aspects, it moves to anticipate the requests.

Only three years ago there was hardly any talk of, for instance, mapping environments where means are employed. Yet today, technology offers innovative and indispensable solutions. “Our Spotech is in fact moving in this direction,” continues Lucia Salmaso. “It is an innovative device capable of providing information on the exact positioning of vehicles, tracked by the satellite, programmable and customisable according to the application site, volumes and vehicles. The objective entails a cinematic analysis of movements to create a real and proper "study" of tire use, including its effects and consequences on the machinery that it equips.”

Time for weighing things up?

While market forecasts are relatively optimistic towards 2019 after a good 2018, BKT nevertheless knows that this is the right time to roll up their sleeves and start working for the next bauma, symbol of commitment and of the arduous challenges of the construction and earthmoving sectors.

BKT @ bauma 2019 - Hall A6 Stand 215

BKT fields the EARTHMAX team at bauma

BKT takes the field with an entire team of specialized EARTHMAX tires at bauma, the world's leading trade fair in the construction machinery sector. This BKT range of radial tires was specifically designed to achieve better ground load distribution for dump trucks, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and some multi-purpose vehicles. The world preview of the superstar in the BKT EARTHMAX lineup is particularly big news.


Center stage at Hall A6 Stand 215 clearly belongs to EARTHMAX SR 46, the largest tire that BKT has ever built: 33.00 R 51. With a diameter of over 3 meters (3,061 millimeters to be exact), length of 894 millimeters, the tire weighs 2,400 kilograms. Such giant dimensions can hardly go unnoticed by bauma visitors.

EARTHMAX SR 46 is particularly suited for transporting heavy loads safely and was designed for rigid dump trucks engaged under the most complex and adverse conditions in hard and rocky environments such as mines. Its special tread design, block lug pattern and circumferential grooves yield excellent cornering performance and reduced wear and tear.


In addition to the stand, BKT tires are also showcased at three different bauma outdoor areas. In the first area, a huge panel shaped like a rigid dump truck features real tires from the series EARTHMAX SR 45 M (24.00 R 35) and EARTHMAX SR 45 (18.00 R 33). The second area spotlights the outline of an articulated dump truck equipped with real products, namely EARTHMAX SR 41 (875/65 R 29) and EARTHMAX SR 35 (750/65 R 25). The third promotional area, referred to as the ‘Atrium', is entirely dedicated to EARTHMAX SR 53 (36/65 R 33). The common denominator consistently in all these models is their All Steel structure, which renders a stronger body and therefore greater resistance to aggressions such as punctures and penetration of foreign bodies.

EARTHMAX SR 45 M was specifically designed for rigid dump trucks operating on muddy terrain and loose surfaces. This tire features optimum traction and are ideal for long hauls. Moreover, the deep tread enables constant resistance to the numerous adverse conditions at job sites.

EARTHMAX SR 45 features a deeper tread that extends the tire's useful life, and a special lug shape to ensure excellent traction in all conditions. The special compound designed for this tire guarantees a resistance to the risks frequently present in extreme operating conditions such as cuts, abrasions and other impacts.

EARTHMAX SR 41 is particularly suited for articulated dump trucks and features a new tread that, in addition to being deeper, has reinforced connecting bridges to guarantee greater block rigidity and therefore greater stability. The block geometry was specifically designed to ensure greater traction, which is essential for articulated dump trucks operating on particularly difficult terrain under adverse conditions. 

Even EARTHMAX SR 35 is designed for articulated dump trucks. The prominence of its robust steel-belted casing ensure traction, stability, extraordinary durability and a resistance to snags, punctures and tears.

EARTHMAX SR 53 is conceived for loaders operating in difficult sites such as mines and rock quarries. Its special cut-resistant compound does not overheat, while the self-cleaning tread expels stones and foreign bodies. Two optimal solutions enabling even this tire to have a long and very productive life.

BKT @ bauma 2019 - Hall A6 Stand 215

Even BKT has its own superhero

Just like in Marvel films, superheroes really are among us. They may integrate themselves and even blend in, but they can never forget that they have special superpowers. Today's story is about expert BKT technician Piero Torassa and it's really about a “powerful superhero with the gift of ubiquity”.

Piero is in fact always traveling somewhere and carrying his suitcase (full of technical tools), willing to grind it out for thousands of countless kilometers just to collect the direct witnesses of BKT users, see and touch the tires to test their conditions and then report this valuable input to the BKT R&D Center in India, later returning to customers with improved products that match their needs perfectly. Piero's superpower is making BKT users happy and satisfied. His work requires experience, skills and a slew of passion and dedication.

Piero lacks in none these characteristics, which is why he was selected to become the star of the online TV series "Working Hero", produced by bauma and dedicated to the real heroes of the construction industry, a highly specialised area where charisma and competence make all the difference.

The episode follows Piero at the Carrara quarry in Italy, as he meets the user of a BKT-equipped loader who has a specific request and wants to have tires with an even stronger compound to deal with highly rugged ground. After the necessary analyses and tests, Piero flies to India, where he goes to the BKT R&D Centre in Bhuj and meet with the team of experts who propose a solution to the customer's request.

Told in subjective terms, this episode reveals how much effort it takes to be an authentic superhero, someone who puts customer satisfaction first and is always engaged to help.

When we talk about construction and earthmoving, we nearly always mention the large machines that fascinate and captivate everyone's imagination because of their size and power, but let's not forget that there are brilliant minds behind all that, the superheroes in the sector. People like Piero.

You can watch the video on Bauma's “Working Hero” platform, via the trade fair's social and advertising channels and at the digital sections at bauma.

BKT @ bauma 2019 - Hall A6 Stand 215

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