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You cannot overlook the BKT tires at the upcoming Bauma. On display are EARTHMAX SR 468 in size 40.00 R 57 - by far the largest tire ever made by BKT with its 3.5 meters in height - and two sizes of EARTHMAX SR 46: 33.00 R 51 and 27.00 R 49 with a diameter of over 3 and 2.6 meters respectively.

At BKT, there is great excitement for one of the most important events in the world for the sector of earthmoving, construction, industrial and mining service machinery. We are talking of BAUMA, the triennial trade show that will take place in Munich from October 24 to 30, 2022.

The company's intention for this edition is to leave their mark by exhibiting - among other products – three BKT Giant tires with amazing features.

The first is EARTHMAX SR 468, the largest tire ever made by BKT, launched on the market in 2021. It is designed for rigid dump trucks and exhibited in size 40.00 R 57 corresponding to a height of 3.5 meters, a width of 1.13 meters and a weight of 3,800 kg.

The second Giant tire is EARTHMAX SR 46, displayed in the sizes 27.00 R 49 and 33.00 R 51, it is designed for rigid dump trucks. The 33.00 R 51 size is equivalent to a diameter of over three meters or precisely 3,061 mm, a width of 905 and a weight of 2,400 kg, while the 27.00 R 49 has a diameter of exactly 2,688 mm and a width of 746.

Suitable for operations on rocky and harsh terrains, this type of tire is particularly resistant to impacts and punctures thanks to the All Steel structure that provides resistance to the casing. In addition, the E-4 tread depth offers extreme resistance in severe conditions. Finally, its specially designed tread pattern and the tread compound have been specifically developed to reduce the heat generation during this type of extreme applications.

These two tires are part of EARTHMAX, the BKT range designed for a better weight distribution on the ground for dumpers, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and some multipurpose vehicles. Today the EARTHMAX range includes 40 different tires for the earthmoving, construction, mining and quarry sectors and are available in many sizes and different compounds.

Why did BKT choose Giant tires? Considering the growing need for productivity, machinery will become more and more powerful increasing the need for even larger tires that transform their power into traction and are extraordinarily resistant.

Presently, BKT is working on many fronts in the OTR tire sector, with a particular focus on new compounds that are highly cut-and-chip resistant as well as on ultra-heat-resistant compounds that are able of carrying heavy loads maintaining at the same time an excellent TKPH, i.e. the average ratio between the transported weight by the equipment and the speed in km/h.

In the future, some "revolutions" of tire products might be less visible at first sight, but not less important. However, one thing is sure: BKT Giant tires will certainly not be overlooked at Bauma. They will be located in the external areas of the trade show and available for your photo opportunity!

BKT @ Bauma 2022 - Hall A6 Stand 215

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