Sumitomo Chemical and Nufarm Limited Sign Agreement on New Fungicide Solutions for Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland

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Sumitomo Chemical and Nufarm Limited announced today that both companies have signed an agreement on the novel fungicide compound ‘metyltetraprole,' for key European markets.

This new compound for disease control in cereals, discovered by Sumitomo Chemical, will be trademarked “Pavecto®.” Both companies have agreed to explore distribution of Sumitomo Chemical's Pavecto®-based solutions for Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland.

These solutions will consist of Pavecto® based products in combination with Nufarm's existing fungicide portfolio. Following regulatory approval, the companies plan to introduce these innovative fungicide solutions starting in 2022, and expect that they will play an important role in European cereal production.

“Sumitomo Chemical's Pavecto® products, together with Nufarm's existing fungicide portfolio, will provide new solutions and technologies for the market”, said Andrea Barella, General Manager of Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe S.A.S. “Pavecto® will complement Nufarm's fungicide portfolio and play an important role in resistance management by providing growers an innovative tool to protect their crops and secure yields.”

“This agreement marks a further milestone of the successful collaboration between Sumitomo Chemical and Nufarm,” added Hugo Schweers, Executive General Manager Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Nufarm. Both companies have been collaborating in the sale of crop protection products since 2010.

Pavecto® exhibits efficacy against various pathogens, including those pathogens that have developed resistance towards the strobilurin-based fungicides currently available on the market. It belongs to a group of fungicides known as Quinone outside Inhibitors (QoI), and with the chemical structure tetrazolinone, represents novel chemistry in this group. Pavecto® is highly effective for the control of a broad range of diseases, including Septoria leaf blotch in wheat.

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