Lamborghini tractors in the world capital of fashion

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At the SIMA show in Paris, the world capital of fashion, Lamborghini presented a range of elegantly designed tractors featuring cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance. The new Lamborghini range offers an extraordinary choice of models from the EGO, a concentrated package of power and efficiency, to the Spark 180 VRT, with its unrivalled comfort.

Since 1948, the Lamborghini Trattori brand has always stood out for its elegantly designed machines and their impressive capacity for hard work and efficiency. Lamborghini Trattori has drawn from these long-standing traditions to offer an even more comprehensive range of machines that deliver more performance than ever. The wide choice of product  caters to the specific needs of every individual farming professional.

The range starts with lightweight, compact models with mechanical transmissions, and goes all the way up to technologically advanced machines boasting VRT transmissions, electro-hydraulic reverse shuttles, comfortable cabs with class-beating ergonomics, ISOBus compatibility, effective suspension, electro-hydraulic distributors and a choice of electronically controlled lifts. A vast choice of optional configurations lets each user create a tailor-made tractor offering the perfect answer to every possible application.

Lamborghini Ego: “L'Enfant Terrible”

The Lamborghini EGO is truly a concentrated package of power and technology, an extraordinarily compact, high-performance machine that comes with a host of standard and optional features making it the benchmark in its class. This product line is equipped with extremely fuel efficient 1500 or 1758 cm³ four-cylinder Mitsubishi engines with power outputs up to 51 hp, a 12+12 speed (or 16+16 with supercreeper gear) transmission for a top speed of 30 km/h, and a hydraulic steering system with an impressive maximum steering angle of 57° for superlative agility.

Numerous features ensure unparalleled versatility at work: two separate hydraulic pumps (one for the lift and distributors, and a second pump for the steering and auxiliaries) and a rear PTO offered as 540-540ECO or 540-1000 rpm variants. The tractor may also be equipped with an optional 1000 rpm front PTO, a groundspeed PTO synchronised with the transmission and, if needed, even a central PTO for mid mount implements.

The Lamborghini EGO is available with both platform and rollbar, and an original soundproofed, air-conditioned cab.

Lamborghini Spire F Target F/S/V: “The Specialist”

Flaunting a whole new look and a design that is both aggressive and functional, the Lamborghini Spire combines compact exterior dimensions with levels of comfort normally possible only in a much bigger tractor. The new front axle carrier, which offers greater steering angles even with large tyres, contributes to the excellent manoeuvrability of these tractors.

The beating heart of Spire tractors is the brand new FARMotion engine, a powerplant developed specifically for agricultural use that  complies with Stage 3B (Tier4i) regulations. Fully electronic engine management (which allows the driver to save and recall engine speeds for specific tasks with a push-button control), 2000 bar common rail injection, 7-hole injectors and a maintenance-free DOC catalytic converter constitute an ideal suite of technical solutions for specialised applications, offering outstanding fuel economy while delivering first class performance.

The comprehensive range offers an impressive total of 18 models equipped with either a platform and rollbar or a full ROPScab. The models have a vast choice of equipment and configurations to choose from so that every possible need in specialised farming applications is met. The Spire S and Spire V models can also be equipped with electronically controlled, independent front suspension: from  now on, work in fruit orchards and vineyards is looking forward!

The choice of transmissions  ranges from a 5-speed gearbox with 20 forward ratios and 10 reverse ratios with a mechanical synchronised reverse shuttle, to a configuration with a 5-speed gearbox with 3 powershift ratios and a hydraulic reverse shuttle, for a total of 45+45 speeds, which are implemented through the exclusive Stop&Go and ComfortClutch functions.

Lamborghini Spire: “Tireless”

The Lamborghini Spire is a mid-weight champion that combines extraordinary agility with a powerful yet flexible engine. The Spire range is powered by state-of-the-art FARMotion Tier4i engines, powerplants boasting a host of advanced technological solutions and designed specifically to deliver superlative performance for agricultural applications, and extreme fuel efficiency. Offered as 3-cylinder (for a total displacement of 2887 cm³) or 4-cylinder (3849 cm³) variants, with fully electronic engine management, 2000 bar common rail injection, 7-hole injectors, high swirl heads, EGR and a DOC catalytic converter, these formidable engines make Spire tractors perfectly suited to any task in the open field or on livestock farms, while a host of advanced active and passive safety features also make them ideal for working in hilly or mountainous terrain conditions. Developed in accordance with advanced ergonomic principles and with just 4 pillars, the cab offers unrivalled comfort and all-round visibility.

The choice of transmissions goes from the base configuration featuring a 5-speed mechanical gearbox with two ranges and a synchronised reverse shuttle, to the range-topping variant with a 5-speed gearbox with 3-stage Powershift and 3 ranges with hydraulic reverse shuttle offering a total of 45+45 speeds. All models with the hydraulic reverse shuttle feature the Stop&Go function, which allows the driver to stop the tractor and set off again smoothly simply by using the brake pedal. With the Overspeed function, the tractor can get up to and maintain 40 km/h with the engine at a thrifty economy speed.

The lift and distributors are fed by a dedicated 54 l/min hydraulic pump (42 l/min on Target models); the tractor is available with up to three 6-way auxiliary distributors with a flow regulator. The 2 PTO speeds offered in the standard configuration include the 540 ECO mode for maximised productivity while keeping operating costs down. The electronically controlled rear lift has a maximum load capacity of 3600 kg, while the optional front lift (with up to 1750 kg load capacity) is combined with a 1000 rpm front PTO.

Lamborghini Strike: “The Perfectionist”

Designed around a modular concept, the Lamborghini Strike is extraordinarily configurable to offer the perfect solution to every possible type of work. The range consists of 7 models that come in 3 versions, and each one is available in two different configurations: LS, with mechanical reverse shuttle, or GS, with hydraulic reverse shuttle. Strike tractors are the perfect machines for any task from soil preparation to harvesting, from minimum tillage to hay-making and from grassland work and sowing to road transport usage. Equipped with a hydraulic reverse shuttle and featuring the Stop&Go and ComfortClutch functions, GS versions are particularly suitable for handling tasks with a front loader. Both externally and internally, every aspect of the Strike tractor reflects the exclusive Lamborghini Trattori personality. For instance, the cab is mounted on new Hydro Silent-Blocks, which reduce vibration by up to 40% compared with conventional silent-blocks to offer the comfort you'd only expect on a bigger tractor. The comfortable and spacious driver zone makes your working day a pleasure.

Under the redesigned cowl is the hard-working FARMotion Stage 4 engine, a power unit  brimming with advanced technology. Power for the entire Strike range comes from all-new FARMotion engines in either 3-cylinder (2887 cm³) or 4-cylinder (3849 cm³) configurations. Developed specifically for agricultural applications, these flexible, tireless powerplants feature fully electronic engine management, 2000 bar common rail injection, 7-hole injectors, specially designed high swirl heads and SCR emissions control (with the exception of the Strike 80, which is equipped with a DOC).

A huge choice of transmission configurations is also available, including a 4- or 5-speed gearbox with 2 or 4 ranges, and a mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle with a single or 3-stage powershift, which combine to offer up to 60+60 speeds.

Strike tractors are perfectly suited to tackle even the most specific task. Boasting a heavy duty construction, the sturdy HD versions are ideal for jobs involving extreme loads and where maximum traction is a must. Striking the perfect balance between weight, power and size, MD versions are particularly ideal for applications that demand a combination of superlative manoeuvrability and excellent performance. The compact dimensions and engines make the LD Strike versions lighter and unbeatable in agility.

The front-wheel drive and both the differential locks are engaged and disengaged electro-hydraulically, and the electro-hydraulically controlled multiplate wet clutch PTO is available with all four standard speed modes: 540, 540ECO, 1000 and 1000ECO. Wet disc independent brakes on all four wheels, operated with minimal pedal effort, ensure total safety in all conditions, while the Separate Brake valve distributes brake force ideally between the front and rear axles.

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