SDF: 2015 results - Increase in revenue, bucking the market trend, profitability confirmed

Agro Napló
In a year in which the global agricultural machinery market has seen a drop of 10%, SDF managed to increase its revenue and confirm significant levels of profitability in 2015.

Full year 2015 closed with a revenue of € 1,390 million, a 15% increase over 2014. The group's EBITDA was 9%, equivalent to € 125 million, compared to € 110 million in 2014, and its net worth grew by 23% to around € 50 million, compared to € 41 million in the previous year.

Investments reached record levels at € 103 million, with the most significant being € 41 million for the first production stage of the new Lauingen plant, € 33 million for new products, plus € 43 million for acquisition of 95% of the joint venture in China.

According to SDF's Chief Executive Officer, Lodovico Bussolati: “With the 2015 positive figures we have achieved the first results of the 2010-2020 strategic plan implemented in 2010. The plan also contains extraordinary investment for the renewal and completion of the product range, and to set up production and commercial activities in China and Turkey.”

Címlapkép: Getty Images
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